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Dec 10th 2015 at 11:23 PM

Think of all the rosy tomatoes, green bright chilies, perfectly arched lady finger you have seen in your refrigerator. In fact, try to remember the yellow perfectly shaped sunflowers, the beautiful orchids which are part of every poet's mind. Have you just wondered how a little seedling does a challenging job of achieving such a height? All these plants and vegetables are a result of nutrients present in the soil.

Every plant needs essential nutrients to grow; these essential nutrients are extracted from the soil by the plant itself. Most soil does not provide the essential nutrients which are required for the optimum growth. There are six primary nutrients that plants require - nitrogen, sulfur, potassium, calcium, Phosphorus, magnesium. Apart from these nutrients there are other micro nutrients also required by the plant like boron, copper, iron. All these nutrients have to be provided by the soil.

Now this poor little soil has lot of burden

  • To give all the nutrients to one plant in a span of time
  • To retain few nutrients for it to remain fertile for the coming season

Every modern farmer therefore uses fertilizers to increase their crop yield. The fact that fertilizers are those boosters that provide exceptional plant growth, maturity and improvement in crop production are the reasons behind their high market demand. Not just farmers or any commercial planter, talk about any mom and pop backyard garden, there are special garden fertilizers too which can make your plants look more beautiful and well-fed. Moreover to maintain a long term fertility and health of your soil, one is advised to use organic fertilizers as compared to synthetic fertilizers since organic fertilizers have traces of elements that even synthetic fertilizers can’t provide. It also helps in teeming with microbial life.

Fertilizers can help different plants in different ways. For instance, a lush green garden or a rose plant is a result of fertilizer that helped its roots become larger giving them more area for absorbing the nutrients. The tropical fruit plants use fertilizers boosters to increase the ability of fruiting plants. Orchids have natural tendency to scavenge on nearby nutrients be it of some other plants, animal droppings and the like. By using the fertilizers, the orchids can absorb more nutrients and moisture efficiently and that how it blossoms so beautifully. The vegetables, which are the essential mainstay of human as well as animal diet, have to be produced in large quantities in a short span of time. These fertilizer boosters help to increase crop yield quickly.

But adding all to the above article, a gardener has to understand that patience is virtue especially in the case of plants. Plants have their different time scales and often a flower on a plant may be seen just in the month of spring. Therefore a beautiful adorned plant is result of proper sunlight, temperature, cutting and lastly a good fertilizer. You can visit the website for more information on the same.


Tommy Reddington is an expert in organic gardening techniques who also likes to write many articles and blogs, allowing people to adopt the best practices and techniques to make their backyards naturally grown and maintained. He recommends as the name to trust for organic fertilisers, biowash, pesticides and other natural gardening resources.

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