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Types and Applications of Circular Saw Blade

Oct 29th 2015 at 10:57 AM

If you are looking to buy circular saw or any other variation of it, you must know what you can achieve with it. A circular saw is a versatile device and comes in many versions. For example if your job is to make great angular or beveled cuts you can buy miter saw and it would do the job a lot better.

A high quality circular saw can do various types of cuts depending on the kind of saw blade you’re using. Here are the most common types of saw blades:

Ripping Saw Blade - This type of saw blade is typically used for cutting with the wood grain. It has few teeth and large gullets for good chip removal. It’s better if you don’t use it for fine cuts as it usually produces rough edges.

Crosscutting Saw Blade - Crosscutting blade is used for cutting across the wood grain. This type has many teeth, 50 or more, and small gullets for a smooth cut. You can use this type of blade for making fine cuts.

Combination Saw Blade - This particular type of saw blade combines the functionalities of ripping and crosscutting blades. It can be used for cutting with or across the grain and miter cuts. This type of blade can have groupings of teeth divided by large gullets.

Plywood Saw Blade: This is specialty saw blade primarily used for cutting plywood as the name suggests, however you can cut other sheet goods as well. This type of blade typically has many fine teeth, 100 or more.

Hollow Ground Saw Blade: Hollow ground blade is used for making fine and smooth cuts across the wood grain. It is thinner in the body than the teeth to prevent binding.

Thin Kerf Saw Blade: You can use thin kerf blade for cutting dimensional or engineered lumber. This particular saw blade features a thin profile for easier cutting and less material waste.

Abrasive Saw Blade: This is a strong and powerful saw blade that is used for cutting masonry, tile or steel. Because of the abrasive the edge of the saw remains functional for a long time even though being used for cutting hard materials.

Diamond Saw Blade: This sophisticated saw blade is used for cutting materials such as glass, concrete or ceramic tile. It is really tough and can cut through hard materials like butter.

Now you can plan your purchase a bit better as you know what type of saw blades exist and what type you would need for your cutting jobs. The other important factors you need to take into account include amperage of the saw and size of the blade. Higher the amperage and blade size the more cutting capacity you have. offers you to buy circular saw as well as buy miter saw. People can also buy panel saw.

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