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Turf Grass- Enhancing the Beauty of Your Lawn

Jun 24th 2015 at 12:15 AM



Lawn Turf Leicester helps create a beautiful and serene landscape. It is enhances charm of your property. Turf is quite popular especially in North America. Know here why-

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Absorbs rainwater
Turf grass reduces soil erosion by filtering and capturing rainwater. This helps in recharging the supplies of groundwater. Grass stems and leaves cover the soil, intercepting the raindrops and preventing runoff of water. It slows it down to the point where the soil particles can soak it. With turf grass there is no chance of run-off of water from the lawns. An average 10,000 square-foot lawn has the capability of absorbing over 6,000 gallons of water in the event of rainfall.

Stabilizes dust and prevents erosion of soil
Turf grass helps in protection of the soil from water and wind erosion. The roots of the turf hold the soil and prevent it from any kind of movement. It even reduces dust as the soil particles aren’t able to move. Moreover, it also provides space for settlement of the airborne dust. Lawns with turf grass trap over twelve million tons of dust particles every year.

Functions as air cleaner
Turf grass breaks carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen. Therefore, with turf grass in your lawn you have ample supply of oxygen. In fact, a 50x50 area generates sufficient oxygen for a family with four members. Turf grass also absorbs other gases such as sulphur dioxide.

Reduces noise and glare
Turf grass features a non-reflective surface. Hence, it softens sun’s glare. Trees, shrubs, and lawns also boast the ability of absorbing sound. Turf grass has the ability of reducing the noise levels by 30 to 40 per cent.

Restores and improves the soil
Turf grass belongs to the category of perennial plant. This means that some part of its root structure turns dead during winters and the following spring it grows back. The dead turf grass roots break down into organic matter making the soil fertile. This further improves the soil quality and makes it even more fertile. This also enhances its power of filtering water and air.

Makes the environment cool
Turf grass has the ability to cool the environment. In fact, 8 lawns of average size boast the capability of cooling effect that can be generated by 70 tons of A.C. in comparison to 4-ton home A.C. That means that the air temperatures in summers will be up to 25 degree cooler above turf grass in comparison to the area above the paved area.

Turf grass is no doubt the best lawn assets. They not only enhance the charm of the laws, but also add to its value. But make sure that you choose reliable Turf Suppliers Leicester to get the best pick for you.


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