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Dani Dechter | Eyesofindia

Tree of Life Tapestry to Decorate Your Room

Jul 14th 2015 at 4:14 AM

The Celtic "tree of life" is a symbol for harmony and balance. You will find it in all sorts of depictions as it is used for decorations, tapestries, and even tattoos. Understanding the underlying meaning of this ubiquitous symbol will give you an insight on an important segment of the Celtic culture. The "tree of life," symbolizes many things, depending on the cultural background you are looking into. The Celtic tree of life, however, represents the forces of nature, converging to create harmony. In this particular culture, the importance of trees depends upon their geographic location as well as their inherent qualities. There are many rituals associated with the tree of life because it is believed to possess special powers.

Ancient Celts or Druids used to leave a tree in the center of their settlement, which they refer to as crann bethadh or tree of life. This is where they would hold assemblies as a tribe. The tree provided food, shelter, and warmth to the people while also providing nourishment to other forms of life that the tribe interacts with like animals, insects, and birds. It is for this reason that the tree was believed to be the force that takes care of life on earth. The tribal Celts would only in habit places where such trees were present. In some tapestries, the tree of life is often depicted as emerging from a pot—the pot here symbolizes Mother Earth, which is as ancient Celts believed, the source that that nourishes different forms of life.

Tree of life's symbolism can be interpreted in many ways. Many believe that it best depicts the balance and harmony prevalent in nature, as it interacts with the different forces operating in the universe. The tree is also symbolic of qualities like strength, longevity, and wisdom—which are also the main attributes that compel Celts to worship "the tree of life." Different meanings are likewise associated with the seasonal changes that can be observed in the trees, bringing forth concepts of rebirth and similar types of phenomena.

The tree of life also symbolizes the entity that connects the upper and lower worlds, as the roots penetrate the depths of the earth while the branches stretch out to the heavens. The trunk remains on plane of the earth and Druids believe that gods in the heavens communicate with humans through these trees of life.

This only gives you a glimpse of the cultural significance of the tree of life tapestry you sport in your room's wall or any other place within your home. Today, you will find a great array of elegant and culturally inspired home decor you can use to add character/portray your beliefs in your own space.

About The Author
Dani Dechter is the Founder and CEO of Eyes of India has been sourcing and producing a wide and eclectic range of beautiful items in India since 2008.  Founded from a deep love of India and its people, Eyes of India aims to deliver the unique, original and creative works of craftsmanship and artistry. With warehouses and offices in Jaipur, India and Los Angeles, California, Eyes of India strives to choose only the highest quality pieces made with the greatest attention to detail. They hope to inspire with our selections, as well as provide additional means for artisans to sell their crafts and earn additional income.

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