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This is how to know when it’s time to replace your deck

Oct 26th 2015 at 12:48 AM

A deck that’s in good shape will add a lot of value to the quality of your life. But if your deck is poorly maintained, it can cause injuries to you and your family members. A poorly maintained deck will also look aged and will make your house look old as well. Depending on the extent of the damage on your deck, it’s possible to do quick repairs and give it a ‘face lift.’ But there are also times when a deck is completely beyond repair and the only way out is to replace it. if you are having a hard time deciding whether your deck is in need of a replacement or whether you should demolish it and start afresh, here’s what to look for:

One, check whether your deck is sagging from structural damage. Go outside and observe your deck from a few steps away from different angles. If you notice any sagging, it’s likely that there’s structural damage that’s causing it to sag. You probably cannot see the damage because it’s located underneath the deck. Also check the vertical supports as they are what hold the deck up. If support beams are rotten, then it’s time to install a new deck as the one you currently have is about to collapse. For your next deck, consider terrasse composite as wood is more susceptible to rot and damage. Two, look for signs of warping, splitting or cracking. All decks, including decks made of hardwood, will age after many years of exposure to the elements. If you can’t get your deck to look perfect by cleaning it or using a fresh coat of paint or sealer, it’s time to get a new one installed.

Three, look for widespread rotting. You can tell your wooden deck is rotting if it looks damp, it’s discolored or it feels soft when you touch it. Another sign of rotting is when the deck depresses when you walk on it. If you don’t replace your deck when you notice such signs, you’ll have a bigger problem on your hands in the near future. Take the old wooden deck down and install a new Lame de terrasse composite, which will never rot. Four, termite attacks is also another sign that your deck is need of replacing. If you catch termite infestation early, you can save your deck. But sometimes it’s too late and you just have to replace it. Termites will affect the integrity of wood because the channels they leave after burrowing in the wood will weaken it. Lastly, look for nails and screws that seem loose. The moment nails and screws start popping, it means the wood is weak and cannot hold the nails in. Replace your deck but instead of going with wood, choose a material that’s stronger and more durable. As long as you notice any of these signs, act fast, replace your deck and you’ll create many memories on it.

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