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Things Need to Pay Attention to When Customize Bookcase

Sep 24th 2014 at 2:09 AM

With the development of home renovation, customized bookcase become necessary furniture for common family. Then what is the matters need attention when customize bookcase?

Firstly, the material of bookcase

The quality of panel directly decides the service life of bookcase. Generally speaking, the thickness and density of panel is in proportional to bookcase service life. In other words, the thicker the panel is, sturdier the bookcase is, the service life of bookcase is longer.

Secondly, the craftsmanship of bookcase

Check the technology of bookcase carefully. It mainly refers to edge sealing of panel and the backboard. Machine sealing is uniform, smooth and sturdy. There would be no coarse feeling. High quality bookcase will have installation groove for ensure stability.

Thirdly, the size of bookcase

There is no uniform size of bookcase. The size of bookcase includes both the external size like width and height of bookcase and internal size like the depth of bookshelf, height between bookshelves and height of drawer. Therefore, customer should omnibearing consider the size of bookcase so that the bookcase suit the study well.

The external size of bookcase

The width of bookcase: the width of bookcase varied with the door number of bookcase. Generally speaking, the width of two doors bookcase is between 500 and 650 mm and the width of three doors or four doors bookcase increased to a half or one time of two doors bookcase. The width of some special corner bookcase or large bookcase may reach 1000 to 2000 mm or more than it. As customized furniture, the size of integrated bookcase is decided by the actually needs of customer.

The height of bookcase: there is one rule for the height of bookcase – adult can take the book at the top bookshelf. When the height over that limitation, on one side, there would be potential danger when book fall down from bookcase and it is not convenient to take book; on the other hand, it will affect the gravity force of bookcase – bookcase may be unstable and cause accident. Take bookcase with two doors as example, the height of common bookcase is 1200 mm to 2100 mm. Ladder is needed to take book when the height is over 2100 mm.

The internal size of bookcase

The depth of bookshelf: the main function of bookcase is store book. Therefore, the depth of bookcase should suit the specification of common book. 280mm to 350mm can satisfy the need of most people.

The height of bookshelf: the height of bookshelf is also decided by the specification of book. There are several choices in bookshelf height: 280 mm to 300 mm, 240 mm to 260 mm, 320 mm to 420 mm.

The size for other part in bookcase: the height of bookcase drawer is generally between 200 mm to 350 mm. Another point that cannot neglect for customizing bookcase is the width of cases in bookcase. The width limitation of common two doors bookcase is below 800 mm and 1200 mm for four doors or wider bookcase. Unreasonable width of cases in bookcase will cause instability. There may be hidden danger in use.

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