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The Questions You Should Ask Before Shopping Cabinet

Oct 15th 2014 at 2:06 AM

Question one: the thickness of cabinet board. The board for making kitchen cabinet is varied in thickness specification. Take 16 mm and 18 mm cabinet board as example. The cost of 18 mm boardis higher 7% of 16 mm board. The cabinet made of 18 mm board has longer service life than 16 mm board. The door will not deform and the countertop will not crack. Customer must knowthe specification details of the cabinet material when shopping.

Question two: ask the seller it is independent cabinet or several cabinets body connected together. The integrated cabinet body will have poorer performance on fastness. The service life and stability of the two kinds of cabinets’body differ two to three times and the cost differs 5%. Customer can distinguish them by its package and installed cabinet. Another chance to distinguish them is the time after the cabinet body is installed and before the installation of countertop.

Question three: ask the colour of cabinet board.The colour of cabinet is diversified on the market. The main colour includes warm white, grey white, cold white etc. The cost of warm white is the highest. It is 4% higher than other veneercolour. Warm white veneer has soft, flush, elegant and graceful luster. It is the internationalpopular cabinet colour.The environment protection, anti-fouling, mould proof and fading proof property of warm white surpass the grey white, cold white veneer largely. It is more safe and convenient to use. As for high price, customer may choose grey white or cold white.

Question four: ask the postnotum is sealed in single side or in two sides.For saving cost, some manufacturers may only seal one side of the postnotum. The invisible side is not sealed, which will make it easy to be affected by damp and go mouldy. Poisonous gas like formaldehyde will also be released. So the postnotum must be sealed in two sides.

Question five: ask whether there is cockroach proof and mute edge sealing.The impact force created by closing cabinet door will be remitted and the noise will disappear. Insects also cannot get into the cabinet. The cost of cabinet with cockroach proof and mute edge sealing will higher 3%. You should also check whether countertop board, door board, cabinet body, sealing strip, and crash proof strip is treated by mould pressing, whether the two sides are processed by single pressing. If the sealing strips do not seal precisely, lampblack, dust and insects will get into the cabinet.

Question six: ask whether the edge sealing glue contain formaldehyde or not. Eco-friendly edge sealing glue will not produce contaminant during production process. Well-known glue brand is more durable, which is good to the prevention of leaking of formaldehyde.

Question seven: ask the constituent of artificial stone.The material that suit to make countertop has fireproof board, artificial stone, natural marble, granite, stainless steel and so on. Artificial stone has the highest cost performance. The content of calcium carbonate in cheap countertop is high. It will easy to crack. The common artificial stone on the market is composite acrylic and pure acrylic. The content of acrylic in composite acrylic is better to be 20% or so.

Question eight: ask whether artificial stone can be installed dust-free. Many workmen will polish the artificial stone when install, which will cause pollution. If the cabinet cannot realize dust-free installation, you should arrange it before floor installation and painting. Or you will have to clean the floor and wall after it is installed.

Question nine: ask for the material origin country.The price of cabinet made of imported material and domestic material has great difference. Therefore, you should ask about the material origin country and write on the contract. You can ask for compensation when the material is not from the country wrote on the contract or have quality problem.

Question ten: ask whether they can provide the test report of finished product.Some manufacturers only provide the test report of raw material. But environmental friendly raw material cannot represent that the finished product is also eco-friendly. Only the test report of finished product can prove the cabinet is qualified. Therefore remember to ask for the quality inspection report number and call the related department to know whether it is true or not.Find kitchen cabinet design ideas at

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