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The Importance Of Gutter Cleaning

Jun 12th 2014 at 5:46 AM

There is no better way to meet the cold winter months than to have a thorough, gutter cleaning session. It is crucial that you do this before the winter buries your roof under 10 feet of snow. The purpose of cleaning the gutters when the weather is still nice and warm is simple, yet solid reasoning. When snow falls it makes you gutters virtually unreachable. You will forget about the whole thing right until spring, when the snow starts to melt. If you failed to clean your gutters ahead of time, you might find yourself wondering why is there water dripping from your ceiling. All the water that is released due to the snow melting on your roof, will ultimately try to come down. If your gutters are filled with gunk, guess where all the water will escape to?

Also, leaving your gutters unchecked for almost 4 months will further worsen their state – making it particularly difficult to clean later on. Why not do the work now and greet the holidays in peace?

Cleaning The Gutters in 3 Easy Steps


  • Step One:  Inspecting the Gutters (Safety First)

The first step towards any successful venture is exploring the unknown before diving head first and risk to fail before you even began. Accessing you roof might be easier than you think. Just make sure to find a suitable ladder and educate yourself more about different kinds of ladders and general ladder safety protocol. Know that a lot of people have met their end falling from a ladder, so if you don't feel comfortable after going up a couple of steps, better count your winnings and go home. Only people with good medical history and no known symptoms of necropsy, reoccurring seizures or any kind of motor and equilibrium impairment, should climb up ladders. Now that you are near the roof, you can take a peek at what awaits you. If the gutters look clean, pour some water inside and see if there is any blockage along the way. Remember the landscape of the gutter system so you don't have to move too much once you get your supplies handy. Barnsbury cleaners N1 are specialized in this sort of cleaning, so if you think you can't handle it, trust professionals to do it for you.

  • Step Two: Getting The Right Tools
  • Actually, there are no 'right' or 'wrong' tools for cleaning the gutters, although I am sure some people have tried using toothbrushes, sponges and other tools that are just counterintuitive for a normal human being to bother with. For the job we would need a scooper and a wiper. A scooper can be anything capable of, well... scooping mud, leaves and moss out from your gutters. Personally I would use a spade or a small garden shovel. Some people might prefer extracting the filth by hand (even with gloves, this sounds nasty) or by blowing high pressurized water right down their gutters. And of course we will need a wiper – something that can absorb both mud and water, like a towel for example.

    • Step Three: Cleaning The Gutters

    Move from one side of the house to the next, using as much caution as possible! I will not go into much detail about the actual cleaning process (If you have done the preliminary inspection like I told you, you should already have an idea about how). The important thing once you are up the ladder is to make slow, well thought-out moves, with little jerking or twerking as possible. Shovel the dirt with your scooper directly on the lawn – decomposing organic matter makes one quality fertilizer. Take 5 minutes of rest for every 10-15 minutes of work. Don't climb the ladder if you are feeling tired and have a low fatigue. Do a full circle, going back to the beginning. Wash your hands and you are done, as simple as that.


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