The Benefits of Using the Sprung Floors

Sep 22nd 2015 at 12:25 AM

Have you ever wondered how the floors of basketball courts, indoor sports courts, dance studios and other sporting houses or arenas survive the massive impacts of the numerous feet? Well, if you didn’t, I certainly did!

Well, for normal or traditional flooring, it will never be easy to withstand the torture and the pressure of the jumping feet, for the above motioned activities.  And, this is where the need of sport or the sprung based flooring comes in handy. These floors are specifically made to endure and sustain any type or kind of activity that involves speeding foots and heavy jumping or body pressure.

Where are these floorings used?

As mentioned above, most sprung based flooring is installed in places where heavy footfalls, at numerous high rates and pressures, are quite common. These include—but are not limited to only—badminton courts, indoor sporting courts, concert floors, dance and show floors, drama and theatre floors and sometimes even kitchens, hospitals and office bases where toughness is needed and required.

Of course, these sprung floorings are specially installed and very meticulously placed as per the request of the clients.

How does a typical sprung floor work?

Of course, since the sprung flooring has the ability to soak in and absorb high amounts of weights and pressure, it is always differently made from traditional or normal flooring. These floors literally depend on the foam backings and the foam cushions underneath of them.

Plus, the floors are also very sturdily placed over the under layers and the cradle systems that these types of flooring depend on. Of course customization is also made as per the need and the requirement of the work, weight, force and the pressure the flooring has to endure regularly.

The additional benefits—


Apart from the fact that the sprung or sport flooring can endure the high tensions and pressures, they can also cause less harm to a player or a professional if he or she tumbles during her game or performance. The sprung floors can help a person to sustain the fall and thus it can easily prevent or stop any type or kind of serious bone, body or head fracture or injury.

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