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Swimming Pool Installation Costs written

Sep 10th 2015 at 7:32 AM

Swimming pools come in two major types; in ground and the above ground variety. Each has its own features and costs associated with installation, and for the most part the value of the house determines the overall bazeni cijena. But for the purpose of this discussion let’s look at the costs associated with building either type of pool.

P.K. Data reports that the cost of building a 19’- diameter above ground pool is about $6,243; while on the other hand an in-ground 32'x16' costs about $21,919.

Let’s break down this cost a bit further. So what materials does one need to construct a modern swimming pool?

1. Above Ground Pool

These are usually sold as kits by pool companies and may require additional site preparation- which depending on your compound may include the need to level the areas and provide access to a power source. Keep in mind all types of pools need at least a pump to make sure clean water comes in and used water is cleanly pumped out of the pool, and these pumps usually work by electricity. Such pools will therefore come with pumps, filter systems and ladders.

In-ground Pools

Because this type of pool is more permanent, the cost involved in building one will obviously go up considerably. Site preparation is much more expansive and the materials needed are more expensive too. Usually the installation begins with a liner, and vinyl is the most common material, but fiberglass may also be used.

Compared to fiberglass, vinyl is cheaper, at a cost of about $18,000: fiberglass costs at least $20,000. Concrete tends to cost more than both of these materials, and construction may go cost as much as $50,000. In-ground pools need some type of surrounding patio installation, as well as the need to fence as required by law in some places, and all this costs money.

Other Considerations

Aside from the pumps, filters and ladders, both in-ground and above-ground pools will need a bunch of cleaning tools including brushes and vacuum assemblies, covers, cleaning agents, etc. Some will also need heaters, thermometers and handrails.

A solar heating assembly usually starts at about $5,000, but they do last a long time with without the need for repairs- especially with regular maintenance. If however you count energy costs over a period of time, that does tend to hike up expenditure.

Chemicals are fairly standard at a pool- between pH testing and chlorine, the average pool owner spends less than $80 a month on chemicals for above-ground pools and about $100 for in-ground pools

bazeni cijena

Every once or so in a year you may have to replace a few items for the pool- new filters, pool vacuum, etc., and those costs may reach $1,000 a year, but that’s something every pool owner has to spend in order to keep the pool clean and safe. Because you don’t want your neighbors asking why your pool water is green, keep the number of a pool service company with you for when it comes time for maintenance. This will minimize some of the more exhaustive repairs which tend to cost huge sums of money in the long run.

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