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Superior Electric Carbon Brushes

Oct 8th 2015 at 11:22 AM

Superior Electric replacement parts are great for those who are looking to get great value for their money. They offer aftermarket repair parts for different applications. Today we are going to talk about Superior Electric carbon brushes and how they are better than other offerings in this area. These carbon brushes use Toyo Tanso carbon which, being isotropic graphite encapsulates enhanced stability and improved strength. Toyo Tanso pioneered the development of isotropic graphite that features isotropic structure throughout and its enriched characteristics are achieved through Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) of micro particles.

Isotropic graphite is used in various industries including:

· Semiconductor manufacturing

· Renewable Energy Industry

· Mold industry

· Nuclear energy industry

All of the above industries require precision, advanced stability, reliability and strength. Toyo Tanso carbon offers all these characteristics. Because of the following features, the OEM is able to manufacture Superior replacement parts which offer a great balance of price and quality.


Isotropic Structure

Regular graphite has anisotropic patterns, which in simpler words means the properties of the material vary across a dimension making it unreliable. On the other hand, isotropic structure features uniform characteristics throughout a cross section. This results in consistent and reliable performance of the carbon brush over a long period of time.

Stable and Durable

Because of the micro particle structure, Toyo Tanso carbon offers a greater magnitude of strength and property variation across dimensions is negligible. Moreover, this carbon has a low coefficient of thermal expansion which means it maintains its original shape and characteristics in high temperature environments and excessive temperatures don’t cause softening of material or melt downs.

Heat and Chemical Resistant

Low coefficient of thermal expansion also translates into better thermal shock resistance and heat distribution properties with minor heat deformation. That’s why Toyo Tanso carbon preserves its stability up to temperatures as high as 2000° C. In addition to excellent heat resistance, only few concentrated oxidizers can affect this material. For most part, Toyo Tanso carbon is chemically stable and can be used as a non-corroding substitute of metal.

Enhanced Electrical Conductivity

It is a well known fact that the greater the temperature of the conductor, the greater the amount of resistance for the electric current. That is why exceptional heat resistance allows for improved electrical conductivity and makes this material an ideal product for a range of electronics such as heaters.

Abrasion Resistant

Layered crystalline structure of Toyo Tanso carbon means it has low coefficient of friction and self lubrication properties which leads to a highly corrosion and abrasion resistant material. It also results in low friction under electrical conduction which is crucial for carbon brushes.

Light and Easy to Machine

Compared to metals, the bulk density of Toyo Tanso carbon is low allowing for a lightweight design. Moreover, it features exceptional mechanical machining properties facilitating accurate shaping processes. These characteristics have enabled Toyo Tanso to develop innovative and superior technology for carbon brush applications.

Superior Ridability in Sliding Contact

Compared to conductive metals in general, bulk density and the Young's modulus have considerably low magnitudes in carbon; hence carbon has superior ridability during sliding contact. offers wide range of Rolair replacement parts, Senco replacement parts and Skil replacement parts.

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