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Simple Steps to Clean A Burnt Enameled Cast Iron Pot

Oct 25th 2015 at 12:39 AM

Some months ago something terrible happened in my kitchen. I left the onions in the pot sauteing and went to the living room to catch up with the latest news. I was sure that the heat was les and no damage could have happened. Some few minutes later when I went back, I was in for a rude shock. The pot and the onions were burnt into a black mess. I was more worried about the pot as I had heavily invested on it and could not bear with the thought of having a bad looking pot. After applying some few steps on it my pot regained the original new look.

Here are the simple steps that you can use to clean a burnt Enameled Cast Iron Pot.

Soak with a liquid detergent

First ensure that your enameled pot has cooled down before applying this step. After it has cooled, put a liquid detergent into the bottom of the pot and fill it with either warm or hot water. Warm water accelerates the rate at which the blackened stain gets softer. Distribute the detergent equally into all parts of the pan by swooshing it around. Let the pan stay that way overnight. In the morning, try to scrub the dirt using a soft kitchen sponge. Don’t use a steel wool as it would destroy the enamel coating.

Using Baking Soda

This steps has a higher chance of succeeding as compared to the previous step above. The requirements for this steps are 1 quart of water, some tablespoons of baking powder, a wooden spoon and a kitchen towel. Warm the water till it attains high temperature then add baking soda into it. Use 1 tablespoon for mild stains and 2-5 tablespoons for tougher stains. Stir the contents using a wooden spoon and let it simmer for some minutes. Scrape the burned bits using a wooden spoon and pour the solution from the pot. L repeat this process till the pot looks sparkling clean.

Use Cookware Cleaner

In this step, you will have to introduce the use of a cleaning agent solution. The perfect agent that can execute this function well is Le Creuset enameled cast iron cleaner. This agent is recommended because it does not have severe negative effects as compared to other agents. While using the cleaning agent, it is advisable that you follow instructions on the use of the agent. Aggressive use of the agent can destroy the enamel coating.

Use of water and Bleach

This is the step that is responsible for taking away all the stains that were in the pot. Soak inside the pan with 1 teaspoon of bleach and some little water and let it stay overnight. Later on rinse and wipe the pan with a smooth piece of cloth. You should only apply this step as a last resort and don’t use it frequently. This is because of the damaging effects that bleaching agent can have to the color of your pot.

The above steps can effectively deal with any kind of burnt enameled stains and you will have your pot looking sparkling clean the way it was originally. You should be gentle while applying the above steps so that you don’t scratch the coating of the pot.

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