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Signs Of Foundation Problems In A Home

Feb 22nd 2015 at 10:15 PM

Issues with your foundation can result in serious long-term problems for homeowners if not taken care of early. There are a few ways you can tell whether your home has structural problems.

One glaring warning sign often appears on the interior walls in the early stages as an upwards reaching crack. Stress cracks will often show up in the sheet rock above interior doors and windows, which can lead to difficulty in opening or closing them. Other interior cracks may appear on your ceiling or in flooring and may give the appearance of your home being split in half, often occurring during “settling.” These cracks can run from floor to ceiling on the wall, as well. Keep an eye out of any breaks in the interior part of your chimney.

Even if you do not see actual cracks, take note of door and window frames that seem be a bit crooked, indicating a structural shift. Have you noticed sagging floors or a sense of unevenness? This is another indication of foundational problems. If you suspect this and you have hard flooring, you can do an unofficial check by placing a marble in the suspect area of the floor and taking note of its movement.

On the exterior of your home you may experience stress cracks running along the brick veneer. The break will often run along the mortar but the force experienced during leveling or upheaval can also result in a break in the brick itself. You may also notice bricks on the exterior of your home separating from frames of both windows and doors. Swelling and shrinkage of soil beneath your house can result in a bowing effect near frames, resulting in the brick pulling away.If you have a chimney in your home, do a solid check for any potential breakage. Check beneath rows of exterior brick work, which can often be found beneath windows, to identify horizontal cracks in the veneer that might be less noticeable. While repairing mortar in areas where the cracks are visible will fix the home cosmetically, it does nothing to fix the structural issues at the root of the problem.

In addition to visible warning signs on the actual structure of your home, foundational issues can also be noticed down below. Take note of any moisture, mold or mustiness in your basement as well as small bugs such as centipedes and pill bugs. These can all enter your home as a result of cracks in your foundation.

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Rick advises people on apartments, homes and trends related to Real Estate. You can find his thoughts at: the home improvement blog.

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