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Services in Croatia

Dec 22nd 2010 at 4:09 AM

Renting Sailboats in Croatia, with, or without a skipper. Learn Sailing from the skipper/insructor from. We have charter bases in Dubrovnik - Trogir - Split - Kastela

Because of "allways broken links" send me an e-mail and you will have the name of the company. In this web site you will read the company name as, "the main company".

Basic activities of our main company (renting out sailboats/sailing school/sailboat dealer).in Croatia.

The main company have different type of renting boats. But most of Beneteau yacht charter fleet, Beneteau dealership, Authorized Beneteau yacht service, Sailing school in Stari Grad Croatia, Brokerage activities (second hand boats)

The main company founded in Split, 1995 with intention to organise commercial sailing activities. 
Now, 14 years after we are proud to present our:

- Charter fleet made form 58 Beneteau sailboats – cruisers in three charter bases; Trogir, Kaštela-Split and Dubrovnik

- Dealership -on the territory of Republic of Croatia for 9 years we represent the biggest boatyard in the world, boatyard Beneteau with our sale departments in Split and Zagreb

- Sailing school as our starting business 15 years ago, we educated more than 1800 attendants, gained the international certificate ISSA, and a approval from Croatian Ministry of Education to teach under sailing school's programs

- Brokerage activities; evaluation of the sailboat and representing the owner of the sailboat on the pre-owned boats worldwide market

At this moment the main company is made of 25 employers , our partners and principals are French boatyards Beneteau and Wauquiez.
Within the charter business we cooperate with more than 150 agencies from all around the world, from neighbourhood countries to far distant Australia nad New Zeland.
Beside sailing school offer on Beneteau First 7.5 we also offer a Hobie Cat sailing school and sales of famous Hobie Cat sport catamarans. In our standard programs we involve education of students on University of nautical and maritime studies in Split.

We are one of the rare companies that offers to it's clients all when it comes to sailing: proper sailing education, charter, getting the new Beneteau sailboat, charter management program and brokerage. Of course, what we now even before starting the business, participation on sailing regattas.

Last couple of years we opened a new part of our business-sailboat and yacht service where we can independatley repair and maintain fiberglass, wood, boat equipment and electronics. Our service workers gained their experience during charter business and attended special education programs at the Beneteau boatyard.

We developed a special preparation for cruisers to participate sailing regattas, from „boosting“ the underwater part of the hull and interior to organising preparations for crews to perform better on the regatta field.
At two special service areas we have mashinery and knowledge on boat wood, making teak decks and basic maintaining and servicing boat engines and electronics for the sailboats and yachts we represent.


E-mail me and ask for: Recommended routes with deatails. (

or more deatails about Croatsia in Scandinavian language (link)

1) Kaštela or Trogir / Central Dalmatia - 120 NM

2) Kaštela or Trogir / Central Dalmatia - 150 NM

3) Kaštela or Trogir - Dubrovnik .... Dubrovnik - Kaštela or Trogir - 100 NM

4) Kaštela or Trogir) / Central or Northern Dalmatia - 150 NM

5) Dubrovnik / Dubrovnik

6) Kaštela or Trogir - Dubrovnik - Kaštela or Trogir - 280 NM


Rent a sailboat with your family/friends an go for:

KORNATI ISLANDS are the most indented archipelago of the whole Mediterranean. They are situated in the North Dalmatia nearby Šibenik. This labyrinth of the sea and rocks consists of approximately 140 unpopulated islands, islets and cliffs with a surface of almost seventy square kilometers. In the close proximity of the National Park Kornati, containing a greater part of the archipelago with the surrounding sea, there is one more pearl of the protected nature in Croatia - it is the National Park Telašćica. The national park has the same name as the archipelago extending throughout a spacious and a deep bay on the neighbouring island of Dugi Otok. There are numerous beautiful little islets and next to the sea there is a small salt lake. Kornati is one of the most beloved destinations for boaters and navigation experts on the Adriatic sea, therefore it is no wonder there are about ten marinas nearby.

For more information/services about "holliday in Croatia " go ":


Read more about, Booking terms and conditions



The price for yacht charter shall include the following: Fully equipped vessel according to the presently effective price-list and inventory, i.e. bedlinen, auxiliary boat with oars, gas, autopilot, GPS, usual charter base services at the time of vessel's delivery (check in/check out). Yacht charter price shall not include costs and expenditures for marina services and mooring in the harbours outside the home port, harbour dues and other taxes.

After the yacht charter reservation has been confirmed, which will be effective in writing only, the payment is to be done according to the preliminary calculation, which is the following:
- 50% for advance payment within 7 days after yacht delivery has been confirmed.
- 50% of balance not later than 4 weeks prior to yacht charter,
The vessel can be taken over only after the amount for yacht charter has been fully settled.

Unless 50% of the advance payment has been done until a foreseen deadline, even after the receipt of a dunning letter, the main company  shall cancel the yacht booking. After advance payment has been done, the charterer is to confirm general terms and conditions for yacht charter, which is to be given as an insight into aforegoing terms and conditions and the features of the chartered vessel. All facts stated in this document shall be the subject of the legal liability both for the charterer and the main company.
Additional services and extras for which an extra payment shall be done in accordance with the effective price-list (e.g. transfers from the airport, auxiliary engine, spinnaker, gennaker, one-way deposits, etc.) must be confirmed in writing not later than 7 days prior to the beginning of the charter date.

If you require a skipper and/or a hostess aboard, it would be necessary to point out the time of confirmation of charter reservation.
The copy of skipper's licence is to be sent on the occasion of vessel's booking and the crew list is to be sent not later than a week prior to the first day of charter.
It is desirable to send an exact time of arrival, if possible with flight number just a week prior to the first day of charter, provided that clients travel by plane.


Should the charter of the booked vessel be cancelled by clients, whatever the reasons may be, the clients shall be liable to inform the main company. about the incident. The clients shall be debitted owing to the cancellation in the amount of:
- 50% of the weekly yacht charter price if a reservation has been cancelled more than a month prior to the first charter day.
- 100% of the weekly charter price if a reservation has been cancelled less than a month prior to the first charter day,
- 20% of the weekly charter price if the main company. manages to find a client for the cancelled week.

The main company shall consider the receipt date of the aforegoing information a basis for the settlement of accounts of the aforegoing cancellation costs and expenditures. Should a cancellation of the yacht charter booking be done owing to the Act of God, i.e. objective reasons stated by client (death in the family, unstable health condition, a serious accident, etc.) the amount that has already been settled shall not be returned, although the first next free appointment of the vessel shall be put at client's disposal. 

However, in case it would not be possible to make the stated vessel available for the said client by the main company. owing to justified reasons, such as severe damages of the vessel during the previous charters, the company shall for the client enable the following:
- a reserve vessel with the same or similar features and equipment without any delay, or
- a 100% rebate of the paid amount for the charter vessel.

Should any of the vessel's parts be damaged or lost during the previous charter, and if it were impossible to obtain the new vessel parts prior to the date of the new charter, provided their loss will not affect the security of navigation, it will not be possible for the client to give up the charter or to demand a reduction of the charter price.


All our vessels have been full insured with deductible franchise in the amount of the charged deposits according to the price-list for the current year. Insurance against loss or damage towards persons and against loss or damage towards third party has been included, too. The aforegoing insurance does not cover damages of personal property of clients and property brought to the vessel and a deliberately caused damage, or any damage caused by clients' lack of diligence.

Before taking over the vessel the client shall be liable to deposit a certain amount in the national currency (HRK) in cash or as credit card deposit (Visa, Amex, Master). After the completion of yacht charter the whole deposit shall be repaid to the client, unless some damages or loss of equipment are noticed. Otherwise the stated deposit shall be kept in the amount needed for the repair or for purchase of damaged or lost equipment. Paying deposit is obligatory in cases when a skipper by the main company is hired. In such a case the said deposit cannot be used for covering the costs emerged due to skipper's negligence, bad operation of the vessel or its equipment.

It is possible to require the payment of unreimbursable deposit according to the price-list.

If the client wants to sail outside the area of the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia he shall be liable to inform the main company  about their intentions as soon as possible (at least 45 days before booking term), in order a vessel should be insured for that occasion, and simultaneously the client shall be encumbered for the stated insurance.

D) ENGINE TROUBLE and severe damages
Should any damage emerge during the yacht charter owing to usual abrasion of materials, the client shall be entitled to organize troubleshooting in the amount of EURO 150.00 and the aforegoing amount shall be repaid after the vessel's arrival into the charter base. Should the damage be repaired by the main company within 24 hours, the client shall have no right to request any reimbursement.
If the damage could not be repaired on the way and therefore the return to the charter base would be required, the repair should be organized preliminary in order that it should be repaired in time for the next client. Costs for the lost days shall be refunded only if the damage were caused by the main company. Otherwise, clients cannot expect any reimbursement of the stated costs and shall be liable to cover additional costs for finding a new vessel.
If severe damages, engine troubles, loss of vessel, personal injuries would happen, the client should be liable to inform the main company  and obtain minutes and certification on the emerged incident by other parties (e.g. port authority, physician, authorised expert, etc.).

Not reported damages without any recorded minutes shall be considered to have emerged owing to the client's negligence, and in such a case they shall have to be paid by the client.


Tourist tax is 1 EUR per person per day. It will be charged and invoiced during check in.


The client undertakes that on the occasion of taking over the vessel he shall give to the representatiove of the main company a verified voucher with all charterer's data and charter appointment with an insight into the original document of the skipper's licence. The vessel is to be delivered with full fuel and water tank. The vessel has to be returned to the charter base in the same way.
On the occasion of taking over the vessel the client shall examine the inventory list with the representative of the main company confirming the condition of the delivered vessel with his signature. The same procedure shall be done with instruments aboard. 
Any possible client's supplemental complaints would not be accepted if the client confirmed the correctness of the vessel and completeness of the vessel's equipment. Possible concealed faults and/or equipment unknown to the main company  shall not entitle the client to require the charter price deduction.

The main compay. may require from the client (or skipper) to demonstrate their navigation skills in presence of a representative of the main company. The costs for the stated demonstration shall be paid by the client and the time spent for testing shall be included in the charter period of the vessel. Should it be considered that the client (skipper) is not skilled enough, the main company shall hire an official skipper and the required costs for such a service shall be settled according to the presently effective price-list by the client.
If the client refuses the skipper, it shall be forbidden for him to leave the charter base, the contract shall be immediately terminated and the paid rent shall be kept without any right to reimbursement.


On the occasion of taking back the vessel andchecking the vessel according to the inventory list the fuel tank shall be examined, too. If the fuel tank were empty, the client should pay for fuel and possible damages aboard up to the deposit amount, if any damages should be confirmed during the vessels examination. If the vessel were in a good state, the whole deposit would be repaid the client.

Should the client take back the vessel to a port that is not included in the contract as a destination port, the client should pay all costs included the vessel's transfer to the destination port and if the client were overdue, he should be fined.

Running behind schedule owing to weather conditions is not justified because it is necessary to keep the vessel at an appropriate distance from the charter base. Every delay longer than 3 hours shall be fined with double daily charter price with the costs emerged due to impossibility of the vessel's delivery to next client.

If the client wished to prolong the period of charter, whatever the reason may be, he would be liable to inform the main company about his intentions, in order they could check the availability of the vessel for further charter and perform all the necessary paperwork for additional days, prolongation of the crew list, reporting foreign citizens in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.)


The client shall be liable to:
- be nautically and navigationally skilled owing to the vessel charter (otherwise he shall be liable to accept a skipper according to the effective price-list provided by the main company. 
- have all required licences for operating the vessel,
- not to leave the vessel to the third party,
- not to transport persons or goods for commercial purposes,
- have aboard exact number of persons as stated on the crew list,
- The client charterer warrants joint responsibility for all crew members,
- keep the crew list with the certificate of residence registration together with ship documentation for the whole duration of charter,
- inform the main company . about any possible changes owing to the number of crew members or passengers,
- respect legal regulations of the host country,
- not to participate in competitions and regatas without consent granted by the main company.
- hold on to obligatory control intervals for the duration of cruising,
- In case of towing a contract award for rescuing shall be concluded prior to the acceptance of help,
- undertake all safety precautions in order to keep the vessel in delivered condition and avoid towing of the vessel,
- not to leave the port if the foreseen wind force were estimated stronger than 23 knots, or if the port authorities issued a prohibition for leaving port,
- plan the navigation route very carefully, in order the vessel could be at approximately 40 NM distant from the charter base two days before arrival,
- The client shall commit himself not to sail at night without consent given by the main company.
- inform the charter base manager about the vessel's exact location in case of severe weather conditions (gale-force wind), in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive search for the vessel,
- The client shall not occupy himself with fishing or any other submarine activities without a valid licence.
- The client shall, depending on weather conditions, avoid unnecessary burdening of masts, sails and ropes.
- The client shall not embark pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) aboard without consent.

All consequences arising from the client's not respecting the aforegoing liabilities are the exclusive responsibility of the client/charterer.


The main compay.shall deliver the vessel in good working condition, clean with completely filled fuel and water tanks.
If it would not be possible to deliver the vessel in time, the client were entitled to require repayment for being overdue up to 24 hours in the amount of 1 charter day. If a delay longer than 24 hours would occur, the client should take over a vessel with the same or similar features.
If the client would not like to take over a reserve vessel and would decide to wait for the delivery of the already booked vessel, he could require the amount equivalent to the number of days on which he would not be able to have the vessel at his disposal.
Responsibility of the main company  for an amount higher than the contract price is excluded.
Owner of the vessel/lessor is not responsible for delays caused by the Act of God or by severe weather conditions.


Complaints shall be accepted in writing on the date of taking over the vessel only. They must be signed by the client and the representative of the main company
The client may require indemnity exclusively during the check out. On this occasion he should file a complaint in writing signed by the both parties with all belonging documentation.
If the client's request could not be cleared during the check out, it should be sent in writing within 14 days, otherwise they shall not be taken into consideration.


If the aforegoing parties will not be able to reach an agreement, the courts at Split shall have jurisdiction for their dispute.

Do you want more deatails, or any kind of information by renteing all type of sail boats in Croatia, please let me know, and I will do my best.

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