Saving Space with Platform-Storage-Beds

Feb 17th 2015 at 1:44 AM

Personal Space

Have you ever considered placing a utility-closet in your bedroom or under your bed? Well, think of the platform-storage-bed as a utility closet turned sideways and face-up, with shelves that move back and forth of their own accord. The storage-bed may be the perfect solution to natural bedroom chaos. Think about it. If you’re one of those people who always has a clean and empty floor, then the storage-bed is right up your alley, because you will no longer have to make space in your clothing closet or anywhere else to store things that you want easy access to. All you have to do is roll over, open a drawer, and retrieve whatever you need, without waking up the neighbors. If you’re one of those people who drops things on the bedroom floor because you have better things to think about, then the storage-bed is right down your alley, leaving you space to visit your neighbors when the floor gets too cluttered. All kidding aside, whoever you are, consider the value of placing anything into a drawer that disappears under your bed, only to be re-discovered the next day with ease.

Public Safety

With a platform storage-bed, you no longer have to trip over things or worry about something valuable getting lost or having a visitor wonder why your floor looks like an active or an abandoned football field. With a storage-bed, you can move around freely without wearing slippers to protect your feet from small blunt objects or small sharp objects. So, what is under your bed? Just a pair of shoes and a lot of dust or a lot of other stuffs those are valuable. Have you ever considered a storage-bed? The beauty of a storage-bed is that the space under your bed is not full of dust, shoes, empty space, or any stray objects; it’s filled with drawers made of hardwood, which are then filled with your most personal effects. Why just shove things under your bed nakedly or in paper-bags or cardboard boxes when you can simply slide open a sturdy drawer with plenty of space to hold whatever you need to keep safe?

Not Too Pricey

Although hardwood furniture may be a bit pricey at first, it’s worth the price in the long run, because it won’t fall apart like cheaper furniture made from particle board. As you may have heard before, you get what you pay for, and when you pay for quality, you can rest easier, no pun intended. For example, at Haiku Designs, you can buy a Rake bed-frame for $449, which may seem like a lot at first, but the company’s customer service people, as well as their warehouse staff, will do the best they can to make sure that your bed-frame serves you a very long time.

About the Author:

Clay Phipps is the founder of Haiku Designs which is a market leader in platform beds and modern furniture.

Since its inception, Haiku Designs has provided the finest collections of modern furniture for home and offices. It offers all kinds of bedroom, living room and dining room products. Apart from this, Haiku Designs also offers natural bedding, floor covering and accessories.

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