Safety Measures To Consider When Taking Care Of Elderly People

Dec 9th 2015 at 4:14 AM

Elderly people are very prone to injuries and it’s important to make adjustments in the house to ensure they are safe.

Due to the challenges of old age, many old people find themselves incurring more injuries around the home. It’s easy to overlook certain things that may not have bothered you when you were younger but some of those things can be quite dangerous and even hazardous when you get old. This is unfortunate because most of the things that are overlooked in the home are quite easy to amend and make safe for an elderly person. If you are taking care of an old person or if you yourself are old or approaching old age, you can find out about some of these hazards and fix them in order to prevent injuries. Below is a checklist of features in the home that can present safety problems, and ways to correct these safety problems.

First, you have to inspect the state of your floors to determine whether they are safe and easy for an elderly person to walk on. The floor in a home with an elderly person should be level without sudden dips or rises. Where a floor dips suddenly, it’s important to make it apparent by using different colours for the different floor levels, or even by using a sign. If the floor is very smooth, change it out with rough tiles or install a rough carpet. If there are rugs or mats on the floors, tack them in or tape them down to prevent tripping, slipping or falling. You should also make sure that the cleaning products you use for your floor, such as wax, polish or cleaner, are non-slip. Finally, ensure that the type of shoes worn within the house are non-slip, flat and comfortable. Note however that as time progresses and an elderly person keeps getting old, specialized care such as home care in Chichester is needed.

The second safety hazard that you have to inspect is the hallways in your home as they should be easily navigable. This means that the space available should be enough, there also shouldn’t be any furniture that can hinder movement. Electrical cords should also not be left lying around in the hallways but should instead be mounted on the walls in order to leave the passageway free for all to pass. If your hallways and any other doorways are made of glass, you should mark them clearly so that they are not mistaken for open spaces.  Thirdly, you have to ensure that a home with an elderly person has sufficient lighting. You should have night lights all over your home to make it easy for the elderly to navigate at night. Light switches should also be placed within reach. Emergency lighting such as flash lights should be close by in case of a blackout. Once you have these safety features in the house, any elderly person living in it should be safe. It’s also important to get care from a home for Dementia care Chichester in order to ensure complete safety, especially when someone is at a very advanced age.

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