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Regular HVAC Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

May 21st 2015 at 1:01 PM

Regular maintenance of HVAC systems is the most ideal way for people to save money on bills over the long run. While repairs may seem expensive at first but the payoffs in the long run are numerous.

HVAC technicians today have received comprehensive technical training at schools, colleges and other institutions, which all feature classes specifically geared to heating, cooling, refrigeration and various types of mechanical maintenance. Usually, these trade schools instruct their students in the latest HVAC technologies, which includes complex pumping and cooling repair as well as techniques for CFC(chlorofluorocarbon-reliant) coolant systems upgrades, with Eco-friendly equipment.

So, Why Is Regular HVAC Maintenance Important:

Many homeowners don’t  notice when a HVAC system malfunctions or starts performing poorly, just until the system shuts down. This is a very unfortunate way to approach HVAC maintenance. Fixing small errors or malfunctions in a HVAC system early enough can help prevent inefficiencies in heating and cooling later on.

These inefficiencies lead to wasted energy as well as high electricity and gas bills. If you notice high jumps in your utility bills, you might want to check your HVAC system’s condition.

Efficiency loss in a HVAC system can be gradual but it is very pernicious. The aim of regular mechanical maintenance is to keep the small systemic leaks, gaps, cracks and slowdowns in check so that people have the best most efficient and well performing HVAC systems. In the vocational school, the mechanical and HVAC maintenance technicians are trained to perform thorough inspections, test the HVAC systems in a proactive manner and to rapidly and accurately diagnose any system malfunctions.

The engineers are also proficient in determining when a heating or cooling system needs to be replaced. At first, the cost of replacing a HVAC system may seem utterly expensive, but the more newer the system is, the more it is likely to employ higher energy efficient technology which will ultimately save you money on your heating and cooling utility bills.

What Homeowners Should Do To Save on Heating And Cooling Bills:

During hot weather, do not continuously run your air conditioner on the coldest setting. Turn up the A/C just a few degrees so that you can prolong the life of your HVAC system.

2. Install central and ceiling room fans for the hot weather. The fans will enhance your air conditioner’s efficiency thus allowing it to perform better while you still conserve energy.

Before the cold season arrives, have the heating ducts cleaned and have the heating filter replaced regularly. Dirty and clogged filters and ducts may reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system during the cold weather.


Even when at home, turn down the heat. You can save a lot of money on your electric or gas bills if you turn the thermostat down just a few degrees and wear a sweater instead.

Regular HVAC maintenance coupled with the homeowner’s attention and initiative to conserve energy, you can have an even more efficient home heating and cooling.

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