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Timothy Eller | timothyeller
EU-Cold Kicking It CD
2 months ago

Proper Care for Your Fish and Pond Fishing

Aug 3rd 2014 at 8:11 AM

People have various reasons in putting a pond in their
backyard. For most individuals, ponds serve an
aesthetic purpose because it adds beauty to the
landscape. But for some others, fish ponds serve as
their primary fishing place. In the latter, owners
usually put fish in the ponds that can immediately
grow and multiply. It's hard to monitor how many
fishes have grown in the pond and you must also
remember that the fishes are very sensitive to the
abnormal activities on water and land. The fishes can
easily feel vibrations in and out of the water.
Therefore, you must exercise proper care for your fish

Fishing in the river is very much different from pond
fishing. If pond fishing is your primary reason why
you installed a pond in the backyard, you have to
ensure that you put fishes which are suited for this
type of activity. Fishing in your backyard can be so
much fun because your kids can also join. This is a
very special time to bond with the kids on a great
weekend morning. The swimming areas of the fishes are
limited and so you can surely catch a fish. Once you
throw the fishing line, you can catch a fish in a few
seconds or minutes.

Before anything else, you must already give attention
to the layout of your pond. It must be situated in a
high area of the yard to prevent flooding during rainy
days. The pond should also be placed far from the
trees and bigger plants. That way, you don't have to
remove tree debris everyday. You should also put water
plants in your pond. This discourages the formation of
numerous algae. Extreme attention should also be given
to the edges of you pond. Well of course, the sides of
the pond should be lined with plastic or concrete so
that the soil will not come into contact with the pond
water; the pond will also be cleaner if you line the
sides. Another very important thing is to decorate the
edges with rocks. If the edges of the pond are made up
of rocks, very little dirt will fall into the pond.
Fishing is conducted in the edges of the pond and so
you shouldn't forget about this very important factor.
The pond can be small or big and it will depend on
your yard space and on how much time you're willing to
exert on it. Bigger pond means more fishes to grow and
catch as compared to a smaller one.

Proper care should be exercised with fish ponds. You
must remember that the fishes are contained in the
pond. You have to clean the pond regularly to get rid
of algae and other debris on the water. That way, you
can prevent pollution. You should also note the date
when you dropped the fishes so you can at least
determine the right time to start fishing.

With pond fishing, you don't have to get a small boat
because the space is just small. You can just position
yourself in a good shady spot and that's it; throw the
fishing line and wait for the fish. Don't forget about
the proper care for your fish pond and you will surely
grow more fishes. Spend time, effort, and money and
you will have a beautiful pond.


Timothy Eller


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