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Pot and Portable Marijuana Breathalyzer,Canna Sense,Weed Maps and Detector

Jul 13th 2015 at 10:08 PM

Drugs are a kind of chemicals and they have a negative effect on the body in a number of ways.  It has been proven that they can interfere with physical and physiological functioning of a person. Sometimes, these changes are short term and in extreme cases, they are long term. It all depends on the profile, age group, and gender of the person.

There are many different ways it can get in the body. It can happen by injection, inhalation, or ingestion. This also plays a huge part on the impact on the body. For instance, the method of injection takes it straight into the blood stream, offering more instant effects. On the other hand, the   ingestion method needs it to pass through the digestive structure. This increases the impact of the effects.

The question then arises – How can we detect the trace of the same in the body? There are a number of products available in the market. One of them is the Pot Breathalyzer NJ. This can help check the breath of a person and provide readout on the levels of drugs like weed in the body.

The Utilization of Portable Marijuana Breathalyzer:

This is a device used by agencies to detect the levels of a drug without exposing themselves to it. It allows them to check if the people in a location have ingested the drug. It works on the same principle as the one used to detect alcohol levels.  It looks for a concentration of foreign gases as against pre-programmed information of natural gases produced by the human body.

This is also referred to as the Roadside Pot Breathalyzer NJ. The name is given when law enforcement conducts checks for neighborhoods known to be hot-zones for marijuana usage.

The use of tools like Weed Maps NJ -

This tool is used to plot areas where weed is cultivated.  This can provide information on sites where cultivation and growth happens repeatedly. This can indicate where law enforcement needs to increase its patrolling.

Another similar and effective tool is the Weed Detector NJ. This is used by law enforcement to find and destroy Marijuana plants that are being cultivated in secret. With the help of the same, law enforcement can disrupt the distribution and production network with ease. It can help them convert entire neighborhoods into drug free zones.


The above tools are extremely effective in marijuana detection. They can also be used to check if a space is being used to manufacture the concentrated version of the drug. It allows this to be done without actually entering the premises.

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