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Ornate Home with Updated Carpet Trends & Other Furnishings

Jul 15th 2014 at 10:14 PM

There is no doubt in the fact soft furnishings offer a cheaper way to freshen up the look of any space. They include everything from bed sheets, table runners, aprons, divan sheets, curtains to water bottle covers. Any linen you use to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home comes under furnishings. The diverse variety they come with can be categorized on the basis of material used for manufacturing, colors and designs for prints, patterns etc.

Any area of abode which has stopped getting your attention could be again the show stealer with the right furnishing. So, let’s find out what all it takes in bringing the impactful glow out of a mundane place. Beginning with the floors, they are marbled, wooden or carved any other sort of finishing. If you floors are new or in perfect condition, then just a tinge of vibrant shag can do all. It would add the instant sparkling brightness to catch all eyes. In case of wear and tear caused to your floors over the time and you need uniformity on them, then carpets are you take. They define a space with flawless elegance.

Then, there are curtains which can either lend you an isolated zone for utmost relaxation or an artistic flair for the exclusive décor; depending upon how and what you have used as window treatments. Draperies with plain colors could be a source of privacy and heat insulation along with a graceful styling. On the other hand, printed drapes are high on creativity and could be the style statement in a simple, sober setting. Keep yourself away from worldly chaos with blackout curtains that can make you sleep peacefully even when sun beams at its peak.

Bedroom is another important place where the comfort is major priority followed by a soothing atmosphere. For the topnotch quality, pure cotton is most suitable for Indian climate where summers stay longer as compared to other seasons. It would be even better if they have been mercerized and made with high thread counts. With all these features, you can expect your bedding next to a blissful paradise. Coming to the styling, shop for the complete bed décor set which is comprised of bed sheets along with matching duvets, cushion covers, comforters and duvets as well. It would create a pulled out look, leaving you in a restful, perfectly mix and matched ambiance to lounge.

There are some small accessories too that contribute in reviving a décor. Some of them are storage racks, laundry bags, water bottle covers etc. They all have functionality as their primary role and now can be the fun element as well. With playful colors and chic prints, they have actually become funky accessories that can raise the style quotient of your space remarkably. Then, you have shower curtains and bath towels for keeping even your bathroom privileged with modernity. Children can call out their favorite Disney or cartoon characters to stay in their room with amusing furnishings. Carved with digital prints, they have fabulous color clarity to charm your little totes.

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