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New Ways To Sell More Homes

Dec 3rd 2010 at 5:48 AM

Don’t let the media and news paper’s Gloom and Doom get you down…

Homes are still Selling!

There is so much Gloom and Doom on TV and in the news papers that some days you just want to throw in the towel and quit but please don’t give up…just find new ways to succeed…remember that old saying if at first you don’t succeed…Try, Try, Try Again?

Look at your MLS there are still homes selling…do you know why? You have to do a lot of research so you can inform your sellers what will make their house sell. First you have to see all the homes that are on the market in your seller’s price range and see how they compare to your listing. Are they more or less expensive…do they have better or worse street appearance and how do they compare inside? How many are foreclosures or short sales are in the neighborhood?

I find that the foreclosures and short sales are ruining our market in Naples. Most buyers do not know that these homes are bought “as is” with no warranty and trying to get the banks to agree to anything is next to impossible if you can never reach them…there are so many disclosures it is incredibly hard to get them closed. Buyers also need to know that some of these homes might have liens on them and after they close the buyers will be responsible for those liens. There could be unpaid condo fees or home owner fees. You better make sure you have a great attorney to protect these buyers because they could be in for a lot of surprises and it could cost them a lot more money to make these homes safe and sound and free and clear of all liens…most of them do not turn out to be the best buy on the block like the buyer originally thought it was going to be. Remember buyer beware? It should be Realtors beware too or you might get into trouble if you don’t make sure you protect your buyer. So be scared when you are out there and be careful. There are lots of booby traps out there.

So what do you do to sell more homes in 2011 become an expert in the market.

I have found that these 5 things help me be more successful.

Write Letters To The Editors…of all the news papers letting them know what you find. If the market is good in one neighborhood let them know it. Let them know about how hard it is to sell foreclosures and short sales. Let them know all the pitfalls…make them know if buyers want to be safe in their home purchase they need a Realtor that knows the neighborhoods and all the markets. You will be surprised how many people read the editorials and it is Free advertising for you. You could even send them Press Releases when you make a sale…they are always looking for new things to report on.

Make Sure You Price Your Listings Right…it doesn’t pay to price it above the market unless it has features that can support a bigger price. Like a pool or lots more square footage or a big beautiful yard or it has been totally updated and is gorgeous. Why waste your time and money on an over priced home. Let another Realtor take it and when it doesn’t sell you can go make and get the listing and price it right and sell it.

Stage Your Listings…to make sure that they show the best that they can…if you don’t know how find someone to do it for you.

it is easy if you know how and you can take this fun course on the Internet and it is a lot less expensive then going to a school. You also get great credentials to tell your buyers that you took the course and you can make their home sell faster. Some agents even charge for the service or at least make the seller pay for the accessories to make their home look better.

Learn Social Networking…Online Social Networking Works!

According to NAR’s 2008 Realtor’s Technology Survey 53 percent of the real estate agents and Brokers say they participate in social networks and blogs for business purposes. They say they participate in social networks to reach consumers (62%) other Realtors 46% and Realtor organizations 35%. On a daily basis respondents are likely to participate in Facebook 10%, Active Rain 8%, Self Hosted Blogs7%, MySpace 6% and Twitter 5%. On a weekly basis respondents are likely to participate in Linkedin 16%, Active Rain 14%, Facebook 14%, Self hosted blogs 9%. You must me Internet Savvy to be in real estate today! NAR also says that 84% of home buyers and sellers go to the Internet before they ever call a Realtor so you better have a great website too!

Be Creative Give Bonuses… to the selling agent if they bring you an acceptable contract that closes within so many days. You will get a lot more showings because agents are hungry and if the house is priced right, shows great and is in the right location you will get more sales. Another Great Idea is to give away trips and vacations to the buyer seller and real estate agent… that gets a lot of attention…you can even advertise it on your listings in the MLS and it your print advertising.

We have all been through slow periods before in our real estate businesses, I remember when the interest rates where 18%! Interest rates now are the lowest ever and the home prices are lower now then in the last 5 years so now is the time to buy!

All you have to do to sell more homes is stay tuned up with the market, make yourself an expert, make sure your listings are priced right and they show better then the rest, get more Internet savvy and get creative and you will have the best year ever!

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"Remember the Best Doesn't Cost More It's Priceless"





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