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Learn about Welding Electrodes and their Various Types

Mar 26th 2020 at 10:58 PM

Welding electrodes are used in different processes including consumables or non-consumables. These welding electrodes must be chosen after proper research and understanding.

There is a wide range of welding electrodes present for the consumers to choose from. These electrodes offer many different features making these ideal for the several applications.

Here is a list of electrodes that you can choose from for your work purpose:

  • 6010 Electrodes

6010 electrodes are used by consumers who are in the business of general welding applications, where there no special feature is required. These electrodes can also be used as in farming as farm equipment. They can also come handy in the process of piping, and work that indulges in wrought iron. They are beneficial as road equipment as well. 6011 are quite useful as they have the potential to create welds minimum to very low tensile strength. This tensile strength can go as low as to 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

These welding electrodes are extremely beneficial for welders as while using these, they can hold the electrode in any position, thereby helping them to create a proper weld.

6010 electrodes are the best choice and are used by welders under direct currents (DC). These electrodes can also feature an outer coating of high cellulose sodium.

However, welders need to be quite experience to use such types of electrodes.

  • 6013 Electrodes

6013 electrodes quite popular and according to the welders, these are very easy to use, at least easier than the other welding electrodes present in the market.

These electrodes technically create a soft arc at the end helping the welders to mould metal sheet. This feature makes these electrodes ideal for that purpose.

Welders usually use 6013 electrodes for repairing thinner materials. These electrodes have a tensile strength of 60,000 psi. This is the minimum tensile strength and the strength can also go higher. Welders prefer 6013 electrodes as they can be held in any position and while working with them and can be used both under DC and AC that is Direct Current Alternating Current respectively.

According to many welder and welding tips and tricks, 6013 electrodes feature a high titanium potassium outer coating which makes these electrodes easy to use and quite popular as well.

  • 7018 Electrodes

Have you heard of low hydrogen electrode? These are the 7018 electrodes. These electrodes feature a coating with very low moisture. This feature is immensely beneficial as it reduces the level of hydrogen stopping it from seeping into a weld too much.

7018 electrodes used as welding electrodes can produce high-quality weld points that are also crack-resistant medium to low penetration.

However, a welder should be aware of the electrodes being dry before using them.

7018 electrodes have 70000 psi weld tensile strength. This has been estimated by the Metal Web News and the tensile strength can go much higher. These welding electrodes are beneficial and easy to use as they can be held in any position by a welder during the welding process.

These electrodes are smartly engineered and can operate under both AC and DC that is alternative current and direct current respectively. Also, these electrodes are often used by the welders as they have iron powder and very low hydrogen outer coating.

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