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Paving Edging
Kelly Johnson | bestforgarden

Installing A Bamboo Barrier

Jan 4th 2016 at 2:32 AM

It is important for one to maintain and keep off the bamboo roots from spreading. Even though there are many different ways that you can use to prevent the spread of bamboo roots, using the bamboo root barrier is one of the best options. These are long lasting and require low maintenance.

How To Install The Barrier

· Assess The Environment

You need to evaluate the environment or the place where you will be installing the barrier. You need to know that the larger the area covered by the bamboo, the wider the bamboo will grow.

· Remove Any Rhizomes

Once you have determined the space, you need to remove any rhizomes that may be growing outside of the designated area.

The next step will be for you by a rhizome barrier that you will use. These barriers are readily available; you can buy them online or through the designated stores.

· Dig The Trenches

When digging you need to dig leveled trenches. The walls also need to be at the same level from one point to the other. You should also remove any sharp items that may be protruding. You need to flatten the walls and the surface of the trenches. Once you dig out the soil, you need to compact the soil to keep it from falling over.

If you are interested in creating a beautiful appearance on the landscape, you may opt to use the deep lawn edging. It will help you in creating a natural look of the landscape.

· Unroll The Barrier

It is time for you to unroll the barrier on the trenches. You may need to have more than one layer of the barrier covering the trench. This will promote and enhance long lasting results. It is recommended that the barrier is well angled and installed in the places provided.

· Close The Trenches

You need to hold the barrier with bamboo sticks to hold it together. Put the soil back in the trenches. You can take out the sticks when you have poured the all the soil back. You need to close them before you begin though. You also need to seal the barrier tightly. Remember that the bamboo can escape through the smallest opening. You need to use both the subsoil and topsoil. When filling the trenches you need to put the subsoil halfway and then cover the rest with the top soil.

· The Installation Is Complete

Once you have covered the trenches, the installation of the bamboo root barrier is complete. You can now water the plants after the process. You have to be patient as the plants may take up to a month for them to take root.


· You need to maintain good soil condition. Bamboo tends to become aggressive in poor soil conditions. The poor conditions will cause the bamboo rhizomes to spread out even deeper looking for better conditions. To avoid any of these scenarios, you need to fertilize your soil and provide the necessary nutrients.

· Put mulch in between the barrier. This will keep the rhizomes near the surface. Mulch is also very good for the growth and development of bamboo.

· When installing the deep lawn edging, you may want to choose a border that will favor the growth of the bamboo. Metals tend to pose harm to the growth of bamboo.

Best4Garden is one of the most reliable and reputable bamboo root barrier services in UK with a wide range of deep lawn edging and garden products to help customers avail easy and nice gardening.


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