Important Steps to cleaning Tiles and Grout Effectively

Nov 13th 2015 at 11:23 PM

One of the best things about modern day kitchens is just how easy it can be to maintain them and keep them looking spotlessly clean and free from dirt and germs. This ability to keep kitchens clean has been greatly contributed to by the presence of tiles in modern day kitchens. The commercial production of tiles of all shapes, sizes, colours, quality and materials means that even the most budget conscious kitchen owner can afford to have tiles in their kitchen and have the same clean results as a more expensive kitchen, if that is what they want. With that said, an effort still needs to be made to keep the kitchens, and in particular the tiles, clean and spotless. Many people either wait too long before they can clean the tiles in their kitchens or worse yet, neglect to clean the tiles at all, expecting that they will somehow magically remain clean by themselves. Even if tiles are quite easy to clean, cleaning them needs to be done as frequently as possible so that they remain easy to clean and remain in as great shape as when they were first installed. Below are some useful tips and techniques to keep your tiles clean, if they have managed to get very dirty.

Whether you have white Carrara marble on your floor or cheaper ceramic floor tiles, the first thing you need to do is to gather the proper tools for keeping your floor clean. You will need a mop and a clean rug to keep the floor clean. If you are dealing with a tiled floor, you will need a grout brush and an acid or alkaline grout cleaner. The next important step is to protect anything that is on your floors or walls or kitchen counters that could get damaged through the cleaning process. This means that for floors, you need to remove any carpets or rugs that can get wet or damaged by the alkaline or acidic grout chemicals. If you are cleaning the kitchen backsplash tiles, put away any utensils or kitchen gadgets on the counter including stainless steel appliances and dishes because these are very vulnerable to chemical reactions by acids.

Once you have put everything away, you then need to wipe down the surfaces or the walls so that most of the surface dirt has been removed. If you are cleaning the floor, a vacuum cleaner will do a pretty good job at this. If you are cleaning a marble mosaic backsplash, cleaning the backsplash will certainly be much easier than cleaning a tiled backsplash, especially because a tiled backsplash is more susceptible to getting dirty especially at the grouting areas. If these areas get dirty you can use a chemical as prescribed by a manufacturer to get rid of any dirt or stains and leave the backsplash looking as good as new.

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