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How to Teach Your Child Riding a Balance Bike

Jun 29th 2015 at 4:14 AM


Does your child know how to ride a balance bike? In my early years of parenting, my first born child learned the skill at the age of six years. However, I realised that some of his friends had already learned the art at a tender age.

I never repeated the same for my second born child since she knew it at the age of four. There are several steps on how to teach your child riding a Balance Bike.

Adjusting the Bike

Ensure that the bike is adjusted in a manner that it fits the child. The saddle height should allow the child to place the feet flat on the ground with both knees slightly bend while seated. The handlebar should be set in relation to the saddle.

For instance, if the saddle is in the middle, the handlebar should be in the middle. Adjusting the bike should be done frequently because children are known to grow quickly. Such can promote the child’s confidence while learning.

Wearing Safety Equipment

Make sure the child is equipped with the necessary attire. That’s because accidental falls may happen as the child learns balancing the bike when riding. A helmet plays a big role by protecting the head.

The child should also wear elbow and knee pads since these are the critical areas often injured during accidental falls. It’s the role of the trainer to encourage the child to wear the safety gear each time riding occurs to promote better safety habits.

Bike Scooting and Coasting

At this moment, let the child start learning. Start by encouraging the child to scoot on the bike and feel how it’s good to balance. One can teach the child to do this by doing a demonstration.

After scooting, encourage the child to pick the feet up and coast. When doing all these, you must wear your protective gear and use your own bike for good modelling. Children learn better by seeing what the trainer is doing.

Bike Turning and Coasting

When you are sure that the child has mastered the skill of bike scooting and coasting, teach on how to coast the bike while turning and steering. While using your own bike, demonstrate to the child the skill by making big looping turns.

Put more fun as you demonstrate until the child becomes eager to do the same. Let the child try. After mastering, arrange safety cones in a pattern that will allow the child to steer between them.

Keep Riding Fun Throughout

Children will admire learning skills they perceive joyous during their time of play. Keep riding fun so that the child becomes eager to learn it. In any training step, encourage the child to learn riding as a form of play. More so, don’t force anything.

Children may rebel against the entire idea of riding under such circumstances. The child can also watch videos of other children riding a balance bike and see the fun in it, which is enough to motivate them.


Parents and guardians who have some knowledge on how to teach their children how to ride a balance bike may train their children to do it over a short period of time. The entire process can take a child some days or weeks before riding alone.

The duration depends on how fast the child masters the art. Parents shouldn’t rash their children through the steps. They should just offer their children with the required support at whichever speed their children are most comfortable learning at.

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