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How to Resurface a Swimming Pool

Oct 31st 2015 at 4:28 AM



If the surface of your swimming pool is getting a rough, stained or discolored, you can resurface it yourself or hire a professional pool resurfacing company.

Things you’ll need

  • Submergible pump
  • Plaster mixer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Jackhammers or picks
  • Finishing trowels
  • Muriatic acid
  • 5 94-lb. bags of plaster cement
  • 7 94-lb. bags of white marble dust plaster sand

Drain the Water

  • Call your city's Building and Planning Department and ask the approved way to drain your swimming pool water. Some cities will allow you to pump the water into the street if the chlorine has completely evaporated or pump into the sewer.
  • Turn off all the electricity going to your pool equipment so that when you drain the water, you don't damage your pump, filter, pool or spa light, booster pump or heater.
  • Place the submergible pump in your pool. Place the output end up on the deck of your pool and then out into the street, if you are able to drain to the ocean. If you need to drain to the sewer, position the output hose into the backwash or the clean-out drain.

Resurface the Pool

  • Chip all the old plaster off with a jackhammer or pick.
  • Run the piercing equipment down the plaster, separating the old plaster from the original gunite concrete structure. Be sure to remove all the plaster before you start to resurface.
  • Bathe the shell and entire pool in a light acid wash. Make sure there isn't any loose material left on the swimming pool shell so that the new plaster will adhere to the gunite.
  • Measure - An average pool is 100 linear feet and requires approximately 5 batches of plaster to cover its surface.
  • Pour the plaster mixture into the pool and begin finishing with trowels immediately. Wear shoes with spikes on the bottom so you don't leave footprints in the plaster or slip.
  • Smooth in the first coat. Toss a quarter into the pool, if it sticks, it is not time to add the second coat. If the quarter bounces, apply the second coat and finally the finishing coat.

Refill the Pool

  • Make sure the plaster is dry.
  • Tie a rag around the end of the hose over the hardware so that it won't scratch the new finish.
  • Replace your drain covers, pool lights and make sure there is no water running down the sides of your pool.
  • Fill the pool from the bottom up. Once you start filling the pool, you cannot stop it before it is done or the water will create a permanent line in the plaster finish.



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