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How to Keep Your House and Family Safe after Installing a Fireplace?

Apr 3rd 2014 at 2:48 AM

Fireplaces are fun indeed, however to maximize the pleasure you reap from your fireplace and all the fun activities you hold around it, follow these safety tips to ensure the fireplace never becomes a danger to your family and your house.

· Install a fire smoke alarm or a fire detector in your house to ensure that in case of a fire, you are alerted in good time to keep your family safe and get the fire under control. It is best to open some windows if you see a fire burning to allow oxygen for ventilation.

· Make sure the flue is open during the time a fire is burning in the fireplace. Only close it once the fire is out.

· Always use fresh and dry wood logs to minimize emission of soot and to prevent black soot marks around the fireplace and the chimney. Never use wet wood as it gives off emissions of soot and smoke. Dried wood also produces more heat and distributes it evenly. Go for smaller logs or pieces of dry wood to distribute heat efficiently and reduce smoke and soot emissions.

· Always clean out residues of previous fires before lighting a new fire so that the logs do not emit excessive smoke due to the lack of air around the log.

· Schedule fireplace maintenance at regular intervals to ensure there is no blockages of any kind in the fireplace as well as to reduce chances of fires. Get the chimney checked as well to ensure it is ventilating the heat efficiently.

· Keep flammable substances away from the fireplace. Do not allow children to bring stuffed toys near the fireplace and do not keep flammable aerosols near the fire, to prevent a fire hazard.

· Always put out the fire before leaving the room to make sure that flying sparks do not cause a fire. Never leave embers burning in the fireplace, assuming that they will die; always make sure the fire has been completely put out.

· Never leave a fire unattended if you have small children or pets in the house to ensure their safety.

· Install safety screens instead of the fireplace if your child cannot be supervised at all times to reduce chances of getting burns from the fireplace glass.

· Make sure all accessories are out of reach of children and pets so they do not swallow lighter fluid or light a fire using the matches when you don’t have your eye on them.

· Always keep a fire extinguisher in the room within reach, and two spares in other areas of the house to make sure you always have a fire extinguisher no matter which part of the house you are in.

· Burners in the fireplace should be cleaned and dried before replacing at least twice every year and more often if they are dirty.

· Never light big fires because they can get out of hand, light only small and controllable fires.

· Get a CO detector installed to ensure there are no emissions of this poisonous and odorless gas.


By following these tips you and your family can enjoy the warmth and joy that a fireplace brings to a home without any worry for your family and house’s safety.

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