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How To Choose The Best Welding Jacket Step by Step Guide

Jun 30th 2015 at 11:41 PM

It does not matter whether you are a pro or just starting, this information is for you. Welding is fun but it can be dangerous if you are not equipped with the right tools and apparel. Protective gear like goggles, welding helmets, work boots and gloves are a must but so is a good welding jacket. Finding what jacket best suits you will depend entirely on the kind of welding you do or will be doing and the climate in your area. The following is a step by step guide on how to shop for the best welding jacket.

1. Material

Pick out something either made of wool, denim, leather or cotton. These are the best materials because they don’t catch fire easily. Flying sparks can damage them but they only smolder which can quickly be snuffed out. This ensures you are well protected against fire accidents and burns on your skin. Avoid anything made of synthetic materials because they melt and likely to cause nasty skin burns.

2. Weather or Climate

Consider the climate you live in or working schedules. Generally this is for whether you work during the day when it’s warm or late into the night when it is chilly. You should also take into account if you live in a cold or hot area (with warmer nights).

You can get the full leather welding jacket which is quite heavy but ideal for cold environments or when working during a windy night. It works both to keep you warm as well as protecting you from slag and sparks. A lighter welding jacket made of denim, cotton or wool is more suitable for warmer climates.

Sometime combining any of the light materials especially with leather sleeves running all the way across the chest is more preferable. All other materials except leather will keep you cooler in hot weather or during warm nights but still provide sufficient protection.

3. Design

Next make sure that the jacket’s design is appropriate. A welding jacket should always be long sleeved. The sleeves should also hold firm around your wrists basically for the ease of wearing and removal of gloves. You should NEVER carry out any welding wearing a jacket or shirt with open pockets. This is one easy but painful way to lose chest hair. Make sure the pockets have flaps and are big enough to carry some tools. Ensure that the jacket either has snap buttons or regular buttons but not a zipper. Zippers are avoided since they can get stuck if they get burnt by sparks and slag during welding.

Still on design, check to see if the interior is properly lined with a smooth material for easy wearing and removing of the welding jacket especially the sleeves.

4. Size Ranges

Another thing to consider that many people often ignore is the range of fitting sizes. You should choose this wisely so that the welding jacket will fit you whether you shed or gain a few pounds. You do not have to back to the store every time your body size changes.


There is nothing holding you back from being stylish in the work place or while working at home therefore you can choose the colors and designs that best suit you taste and preference. The are several top notch welding jackets out there so get out now and pick whatever tickles your fancy. Keep it safe at all times.



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