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How Ozone Can Change the Future of Home Laundry

Mar 6th 2013 at 3:38 PM


Ozone. We love it high up in the atmosphere. We're not such fans when smog and heat join to create high levels of ozone in the air we breathe.

But did you know that ozone is widely used in industry to sanitize water and food? And did you know that hospitals, hotels, and other businesses have long used ozone for doing laundry?

So we all know how we've done laundry for the last few decades. Take one washing machine, add hot water and soap, add the laundry, and let it run. Piece of cake. So what are the problems?

  • Soap (or detergent) itself is usually toxic. It causes allergies in some people, but exposes everyone who uses it to toxins all day long because it doesn't get fully washed out of your laundry. Excess soap also gets dumped into the environment, which is bad news.
  • The fact that soap doesn't get washed fully out of your laundry is why your laundry gets matted down.
  • Unless you pay for a cold water detergent, soap requires warm or hot water to work best. Hot water fades your clothes and shortens their life span.
  • The average American household does 400 loads of laundry per year. Soap typically costs 10 to 20 cents per load, or $40 to $80 per year.
  • Using warm and hot water in laundry not only pollutes because of increased energy consumption; that extra energy also costs 10 to 20 cents MORE per load than cold water. Most people will spend $40 to $80 per year on heating up water for laundry. And for some people ... that total could climb to $200.

So how can ozone change the world of laundry? Simple. Ozone happens to only work in cold water, so if you can clean your laundry with ozone, you eliminate hot water costs. The only exception would be if you need to bleach something; then you could run a hot cycle followed by a cold cycle for the ozone cleaning.

Now if the ozone only works in cold water ... if you're only using cold water ... how will the soap be effective? Bottom line is, you don't need soap when you clean with ozone. Ozone cleans and disinfects clothes (something soap doesn't do) without the chemicals, leaving laundry fluffy and smelling fresh (no chemical fragrances).

In short, using ozone removes hot water and soap from the laundry equation, saving the average household an estimated $90 to $150 per year, and for larger families, the annual savings can easily exceed $200.

So why aren't we all using ozone to do laundry? Simply put, ozone laundry units have been far too large for home use in the past, and are only now entering the U.S. market. You can visit the O3 Pure Store for one of the most professional and best priced home ozone laundry options out there.


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