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3 years ago

House Cleaning Tips for Walls, Baseboards and Switchplates

Sep 13th 2013 at 8:40 AM

Here are some House Cleaning Tips for your walls, baseboards and switch plates. All homes are filled with dusty baseboards, dirty switch plates and scuffs on the walls. Today, we’ll talk about a few cleaning tips to make cleaning these items and easier task.

First we’ll tackle the walls. Most of the walls in your home are never touched. There are vaulted ceilings which make for some very tall walls. The areas where you cannot touch will not necessarily be dirty. Especially if you have anything more than a flat paint.  In any case, unless you’ve had significant damage to your air quality, the areas of the walls that you can’t reach will remain in great condition. Over time the paint may fade, but the only thing you’ll need to worry about is an occasional cobweb.  You’ll want to have an extended duster and for taller walls, you may need an extension pole with a duster on the end. Once you brush over the cobwebs, they will remain in your duster and some particles will fall to the floor. Be sure to have a vacuum or broom handy to pick up all the debris that comes down. For walls that are within your reach and within reach of others, you’ll have a lot more to contend with than just cobwebs. Anything from scrapes and  scuffs to food and boogers. Yes, boogers! For walls that have a lot of dirt and grime build up, you’ll want to use a multi-purpose cleaner. These cleaners have degreasing agents in them, that will help to break down the oil and dirt. Depending on the type of paint on your walls, you can spray this cleaner and leave it on the walls for up to 10 minutes. We do not recommend saturating the wall with cleaner, should you have flat paint. While the cleaning product is on the wall, use this time to clean other items in your home like the surrounding baseboards and light switches. After 10 minutes, return to the wall and wipe clean. Repeat if necessary.  For spot cleaning walls, simply bring a bottle of multi-purpose and a wet microfiber cloth around the home with you. Wipe and spot clean where needed. Kid Tip: This is a perfect task for children. They love to use a spray bottle and can easily spot messes on the walls. For marks on the walls, such as scuffs or pen marks,  try using a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Next are the Baseboards. We find that a lot of our house cleaning customers are very concerned about their baseboards being cleaned. Since baseboards have a ledge, they can easily build up dust. Baseboards that have been neglected for a while can be sprayed with Multi-Purpose. Again, let the cleaner sit for 10 minutes and then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. To maintain your clean baseboards you can use a broom to dust them clean. This will prevent you from bending over. We prefer to use a long handle duster such as a Swiffer Duster. The poles can be extended about 3 feet, which makes it perfect for dusting down baseboards. The dust will stick to the duster, which means it won’t be put back into your home. For baseboards that have permanent damage such as mold or humidity damage, it is worth it to replace the baseboard. It’s an affordable house cleaning project. Be sure to use a satin or semi-gloss paint when you paint the new baseboards, so it’s easier to wipe clean in the future.  Pro Tip: Save Time and  combine 2 cleaning tasks into one, wipe clean the baseboards as you are wiping down a floor.  And finally, if you have scuffs or marks from shoes on your baseboards, be sure to whip out the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and see what you can clean up.

Lastly, the switch plates or in other words, the light switches. Light switches are constantly being touched. We turn the lights on and off every time we enter and exit the room. Every couple weeks, grab a wet microfiber cloth and spray it with multi-purpose cleaner. Within a few minutes you’ll have every light switch wiped clean. As long as it takes you to walk around the house, is about how long it will take to wipe down the switch plates. For those times when disinfecting is necessary, instead spray the cloth with a disinfecting cleaner. Or bring the disinfecting cleaneralong with you as you walk around the home. Spray the cleaner directly on the switch plate and let it disinfect for 10 minutes. Then return and wipe clean. It is important to disinfect following sickness in the home or changes in the seasons.

Cleaning everything in your home at once can be a daunting task. Feel free to break it up and focus on just one area, per day. Focusing on the walls, baseboards or switch plates, can make a big difference. Come visit us again next week for more House Cleaning Tips.


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