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Feb 18th 2011 at 10:33 AM


Have you ever wished you could give your child a fabulous starry glow in the dark ceiling mural?

Think only a professional illusion artist can do that?

Well, think again… ‘Cos, that’s what I thought too…

You see I am a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids. And ever since I discovered glow in the dark ceiling murals a few years ago, I wished I could get one for my kids too. I knew my children would absolutely love it!

So I started looking for ideas on how to paint an actual star ceiling mural. I bought a night sky stencil and some glow paint. Since my daughters love fairies and angels, I also cut out some stencils.

But when I climbed the ladder to fix the stencil onto the ceiling I realized it was tough work. Having promised my kids I couldn’t dream of letting them down, so I toughened it out and completed the ceiling job. The childrens joy and excitement however, made it all worthwhile…!

That night, as I looked up at the starry sky, I decided to find a way to make it easy for every mom and dad who wished to do the same for their kids too.

I don’t think there is a single kid out there who wouldn’t want to sleep under the stars…, do you?

Now I know there are a lot of illusion artists who do a great job of creating masterpiece night sky ceilings complete with galaxies, comets, planets, shooting stars, star-ships, fairies, constellations and even the Milky Way!

But guess what…so can You!

Yes, you. So that is how I decided to build a website that will give actual instructions how to paint a glow in the dark ceiling mural! The best part is that all it requires you to do is to just place a few dots!

A few dots… That’s all it takes to paint a constellation. (It’s even easier to paint the Milky Way galaxy!)

Can you make a few dots on a wall? I bet you can.

And your kids can help too. That way this becomes a family astronomy project. Plus , it is so much fun to do this as a family! You could even call it the “glow-in-the-dark ceiling weekend project”.

You can choose to paint the night sky or the zodiac constellation your child was born under!

Your child will…

- learn to identify the major constellations

- understand the Greek mythology behind the constellations

- overcome fear of the dark

And be popular in school for having one of the coolest room decors ever!

How many kids do you know who can brag about “sleeping under the stars” each and every night?!

And talking about mom and dad and the master bedroom…Imagine if you could sleep under the romantic, starry night sky every night! Well, now you can! It doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars to get one for yourself.

Now if you want to hire an artist, by all means please do so. I did not create this website to disapprove of genuinely creative illusion artists or to discourage you from hiring one of them.

Rather, I built this website for the do-it-yourself-ers:

- the moms and dads who want to paint a night sky ceiling for their kids;

- the romantic partner who wants to create a ‘labor of love’ bedroom ceiling mural that lasts forever;

- the entrepreneur who wants to learn how to paint ceiling murals and maybe start a home based business…!

I have tried my best to provide you with all the knowledge and information I have gained over the years. I sincerely hope you will benefit from it in some way.


To read more go to : http://www.glowinthedarkceiling.com/glow-in-the-dark-ceiling-frugal-decorating-ideas/

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