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Five Good Ways of Recycling Coffee Paper Cups

May 2nd 2014 at 1:56 AM

People love coffee especially in winters. Coffee shops remain stuffed all the time in winters. Whenever you take a coffee, you always get a plastic coffee cup with your coffee. Instead of throwing them on roads, in garbage or anywhere else the best way is to reuse them or try to recycle them. Here in this write-up we will discuss about five useful ways where you can use your coffee mugs for a useful purpose without throwing them into the garbage. Please have a look at what all you can do with the waste coffee paper cups.

No doubt in the fact that there are thousands of ways of recycling a paper cup but still when you can add beauty to your home using such cups then why to recycle them? And if the number of mugs is getting larger in your home then think of recycling.

Let’s have a look at the ways of reusing your used Coffee paper cup.

1. Coffee cup planters: Make holes at the bottom of your spare coffee mug. Now fill the cup with potting soil. Now plant a cutting that has already grown as a root or add some sprouted seeds in it. Now place it over a plate or something other that could take the water from the holes. Now when you see that your plant has started growing you can transplant the complete pot into the land. You do not have to separate the plant from that of the cup and can place it as it is in the land and allow it to grow.

2. Make Cupcakes. You can make cupcakes in the coffee cups. If you think your cups are too long you can cut them into the desired length and can use them for baking your cup cakes. Do not forget to dry the cup completely before using it inside the microwave.

3. Make Pencil holders: One of the best ideas that can be executed is that you can use your coffee cups as the Pen holders for your kids. Also you can keep them making a pen holder anywhere in your room especially near the telephone so as to note down correctly whatever is being told to you on the phone.

4. Paper Cup Lights: You can paint the used coffee cups and fix a bulb inside those coffee cups and use them as lights at night. It will give a perfect ambience and a complete romantic feel in your room where you will place these cups of yours.


5. Use them as your gift cups: Wash the cups completely and let them dry. After they are dry paint them with your favourite colours. Show more creativity and make them look more beautiful. Put some gifts inside your paper cup and then cover your cup with a cellophane sheet and decorate it with a ribbon to make sure that it should look good. This can be boring for some people but this would be really a fun for those who love creativity and love to show their creativity.

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