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1 month ago

Fabric Sofa: Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Sofa

Jul 18th 2019 at 2:55 AM

When choosing the right sofa, the fabric of the sofa is often one of the last things we think about. However, it is essential to invest time in picking out a proper fabric as it is literally the face of the sofa.
Choose a wrongly designed fabric and it could wreak the aesthetics of the entire room; fail to pick the right quality fabric and you will end up with stubborn stains. To avoid these issues, here is a simple guide to help you in choosing the right fabric based on your comfort, décor, and style.

The Quick Guide to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Sofa

Instead of going by what you desire, consider the practical applications of the sofa first. You may love the feel of the silky smooth fabric but think about what the consequences are in terms of maintenance.

While some prefer to choose a plain design fabric with more stress on comfort, others prefer to give more importance to the looks. Choosing the fabric depends on a variety of factors like cost, durability, the people who use the sofa, the frequency of usage and the location of the sofa.

So, here are some of the critical questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a fabric for the sofa.

Where Will the Sofa Be?

Consider where this sofa is going to be. Are you going to set it in your bedroom? Are you planning on adding it to the already present set of the sofa? Do you plan to use it as a lounge sofa? Based on the where it will be, you shortlist the fabric options.

If you are going to place the sofa near the window, in the sunroom or near the lounge area, then it is best to go for fabric materials that do not fade easily in sunlight. The fabrics with solution dyes have high penetrating power and the color do not fade quickly. Hence, decide where the sofa will be placed and choose an appropriate fabric.

What Should be the Fabric Colour?

The color and design of the fabric should be decided based on the setting of the room. If this is an additional sofa to go with the three-seater or four-seater you already have, then your options are pretty restricted to the type and color of the existing sofa.

If this is an entirely new sofa, then take in the wall color, the decorations and the theme of the room and pick a fabric design that blends in well. If you want your sofa to stand out, you can go for bold or bright color fabric. Light-colored fabrics fit in well in a room with toned down decoration. It is important to know that the light-colored fabrics could prominently show up the marks and therefore, maintenance of the fabric comes into play.

How Often is Its Usage?

Sofa that is frequently used is subjected to more wear and tear. Some sofas may not be used that often, like the ones in the reception of offices. On the other hand, there are some living room sofas on which we practically live our life. So, fabric on such sofas that are used often may break down in a short time.

So how can you find a fabric that can withstand constant usage and has a high lifetime? Well, there is a certain variable called the rub count, which will give you information about the durability of the fabric. The fabrics which have less rub count are less durable than the fabrics with high rub count. For a sofa that is used frequently, you can pick a fabric of rub count 20,000 or higher for a decent life.

No matter what kind of fabric you choose, make sure to get details about the rub count and take a call.

How Easy Is It to Clean the Fabric?

Cleaning the fabric is one of the vital factors to consider. First, consider how much time you are ready to invest in cleaning. The fabric is good to look and feel good as long as it is maintained properly. If you neglect the fabric or sofa cleaning for a few weeks and you will never know the kind of consequence you would have to face.

If you are going for the fine, top-level fabrics, then be prepared for its high maintenance. In general, all-natural fabrics should be cleaned properly and are more prone to stain easily. On the other hand, most of the synthetic fabrics comparatively have less cleaning requirements, save for synthetic fabrics like rayon and viscose.

If you want an easily cleanable fabric, go for the cotton ones. The naturally blended fabrics like the cotton-wool or cotton-linen would require professional cleaning from time to time and when not maintained properly, could tarnish the appearance of the sofa.

How to Choose the Fabric?

When you are choosing fabric for your home, then all those in your home should also be taken into consideration for the selection of fabric.

  • When you have small children or pets, they can easily scratch on the fabric or stain it. It is best to go for the fabric materials like faux suede or cotton that is more easy to clean. Stay away from the expensive stuff like silk or velvet on which a single spill of red wine or a scratch could mean the end of the fabric.

  • When you don’t have pets or kids, you have a lot more options for fabric for your sofa. From the luxurious wool to the silky-smooth linen, you can have your pick! If you want to enjoy the high levels of comfort, you can go for silk or linen. However, keep in mind that these materials are easily stained and require regular maintenance. Else, they could easily become a sore sight for your eyes.

  • When you have chemical allergies, it is best to stick on to natural fabrics like linen or cotton. These fabric materials do not have a long life like synthetic fibers but are the only choice when you have an allergic person at home.

On a final note, ask as many questions as you can about the quality and the life of the fabric. Please take into consideration the location of the sofa, the theme of the room, the exposure to sunlight, the people who will use it and last of all, your budget when you buy a sofa. Pick an optimal fabric for your sofa with all of these practical factors and relish its comfort and looks.

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