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Easy Ways To Go Green

Nov 14th 2010 at 6:57 AM

If you turn on the TV these days, you’re more than likely to hear about the “green movement” and why you should be doing your part to go green. While the green movement itself is fairly new and has gained more popularity over the last decade (due to extensive research showing how our natural resource consumption is growing at an alarming rate), most of the green concepts have actually been around for quite some time.

Going green requires nothing more than a few lifestyle changes and if everyone made just a few simple adjustments in their daily routine, it can help prolong the depletion of our natural resources (such as water, fossil fuels, plants, etc.) that many of us take for granted each day.

With that said, you don’t have to make dramatic lifestyle changes or major sacrifices to help contribute to the green movement. In fact, here is a list of five easy ways to go green that you can start doing today to help secure a brighter future tomorrow!

Reusable Bags

Instead of using paper and plastic bags that the grocery store provides, purchase a few cloth bags (or bags made from organic and recyclable materials) and take these to the store with you to carry your groceries home.

Save On Electricity

There are various ways to conserve electricity. So many, in fact, that the list could go on forever! For starters, try washing your clothes with cold water instead of hot. Hang dry your clothing rather than use a dryer. Unplug any appliances when they’re not in use. Take advantage of natural light and open up windows during the day. Those are just a few examples, but they all help save electricity over time.

Save On Gas

To save on gas, try taking public transportation to work or to run errands (works best if you’re living in a metropolitan area). If that’s not an option, make sure you always drive the speed limit and try combining all of your errands and other trips into one run. At first, it may not seem like much, but over time, it will not only save gas, but it will put a few bucks back into your pocket!

Shop Locally for Produce

Purchase local produce by shopping at a farmers market in your community or from farmers who stock produce in your local grocery stores. When stores bring in produce from various sections of the country, various chemicals are used to preserve them so they last longer. Purchasing locally not only helps keep your community thriving, but it cuts down on the environmentally harmful chemicals that are needed to preserve produce.

Drink Tap Water

This should come as no surprise. Drinking tap water is not only cheaper, but great for the environment, because it cuts down on the plastic bottles needed to produce bottled water. And here’s a fact about bottled water that you may be unaware of. Nearly all of the bottled water in America is purified tap water. I bet that will make you think twice before purchasing bottled water again!

So, there you have it - Five easy ways to go green without making a dramatic change in your lifestyle. Give them a shot. You’ll not only be going green, but you’ll be doing your part in keeping this earth going for years to come.

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