Different Types of Stylish yet Economical Floors

Sep 12th 2014 at 2:35 AM

A floor is not just a beauty option of your house; it is also one of the primary functional assets of the room. While choosing your floor type, you should consider several dimensions such as the design, function, look, cost and its effects. The floor should go well with the texture and color of the walls as well as it should complement your furniture.

There are numerous categories of flooring options available. You can judge them according to your need and its cost.

1) Stone: If you want a classic house, then stone could be your option. It looks natural and elegant. Ancient rocks and caves are always fascinating to men and having a piece in your house is not at all a bad idea. Stones look charming, and there is just no doubt about its durability. It is the strongest type of flooring option.

2) Hardwood: Hardwood gives a warm feeling to your house, and it prevents your house from a monotonous look. Woods come in a wide variety and therefore you can have hardwood floors in a vast number of design and patterns. If you do not want to go for the refinished hardwood flooring which leaves little gaps in the floor, then you can make use of unfinished hardwood flooring. It does not leave any tiny gaps in the floor.

For a more eco-friendly type of floor, you can go for reclaimed lumber. This type of wood can be obtained from the old barns and you will not need to cut any tree for hardwood flooring.

3) Tiles: For flooring option, you can also go for the tiles. They are available in many different varieties, shapes and sizes.

• Quarry tile: it is larger than the other tiles, and it comes in different sizes. It comes in rectangular as well as in square shape. This tile is made up of clay and it is durable.

• Ceramic tile or porcelain tile: they are extremely hard, but they are more costlier than the other clay tiles. They are either glazed or unglazed. Glazed tile looks like glass, and they are resistant to water.

• Terracotta tile: this is also a clay tile, but it comes in several different colors ranging from orange color to brown and shades of them.

• Recycled glass tile: they are eco-friendly and look very attractive. They are available in various colors, and thousands of patterns can be made on them.

4) Laminate floor: Laminate comes in a variety of designs, and it is cheaper than any other type of tile or flooring option. It is resistant to sunlight and therefore you can use it even outdoors. It is also resistant to moisture and water. It requires low maintenance, but it is irreparable.

5) Carpet: The most popular type of floor is carpet flooring. It is available in thousands of designs and hundreds of materials. It can be prepared from nylon, wool, polypropylene or in combination of all these. They keep the rooms warm and absorb noise. They are found in bedrooms and home theatres.

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