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Dealing with spots and stains on carpets

Mar 24th 2015 at 3:26 AM

There is really nothing more tedious than dealing with stains and spots on your carpets. Whether you have a berber, frieze or a Persian carpet in your home, there is always a risk to spill something. In case you have children and pets constantly running around, the risk is even bigger. Taking care of the stain right away is definitely the best technique but sometimes we see the ugly marks after hours and even days. This will make the cleaning harder but don't be in a hurry to give up just yet. There are many useful techniques which could help you solve this problem promptly and we will present them to you in this article.

The spots and the stains can easily disappear when you have the right products and you use the most effective cleaning methods. Knowing how to take care of different kinds of stains promptly could be essential in certain moments, so it is best to be always prepared. Using a simple towel, sponge, large brush or a cloth and water for the removing of spilled wine and other drinks could lead to the spreading of the liquid to other parts of the carpet's fabric. This will not only make the cleaning harder but you could also damage the delicate fabric of your upholstery possessions while scrubbing. There are other more effective ways to handle the stains and the spots and you can read about them below.

Special solutions for water-soluble stains – You probably know from experience that some stains are easier to remove than others. In the category of water-soluble stains can be included the ones from various alcoholic beverages, ice cream, berries and different types of juice, milk, mud and others. In order to remove them you don't have to look for expensive cleaning products in the shop. It will be much easier and safer to prepare a special solution of a little white vinegar and water yourself and spray it on the polluted areas. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub the stained area for better results and then you can leave it all to dry. This simple method used by Shiny Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith will save you time and money.

Use a knife for the cigarette stains and burns – The best way you can avoid dealing with nasty stains and burns from cigarettes is not to smoke in the room but that's not always possible. So, in case you notice that there is a problem with your upholstery possessions, you can use a very simple methods to remove the dirt and burns. You need a flat surface which is also hard, so something like a dull knife will be perfect. You can use it to rub the stain or the burn until it disappears. The solution of white vinegar and water can help with the smell.

Removing more stubborn stains – When it comes to stains from wax, oil and other similar things, it is important to be patient until you find the most effective method. In case the ordinary products can't help, you can put a paper towel over the stained area of your carpet and iron until the fat, the wax or the other thing sticks to the towel.

Dealing with spots and stain on the carpets is never easy but when you know which cleaning techniques to use, you will be able to remove any kind of grime. You can try the previously mentioned methods or come up with different ideas yourself, until you find the procedure which will permanently erase the stubborn spots and stains. You have to be careful, though, and know when to call the professional cleaners, so that you can protect the fabric of your upholstery possessions from permanent damage.

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