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Create A Beautiful Garden Anywhere With Easy Plant Growing Systems

Dec 2nd 2015 at 4:54 AM

Plant Growing Systems, also called hydroponics, is a method of growing plants using solutions containing mineral nutrients, without the need for any soil. 

What are the Advantages of this Type of Plant Growing?

This system makes it possible to grow plants almost anywhere and at anytime. There are no limitations on growing plants according to climate conditions or the suitability or availability of soil either. There are also no space constraints for these plant growing systems, which makes it the ideal method to grow plants in urban areas. From balconies to terraces, there is no space that is out of reach for a serious plant lover who uses and understands this new system of growing plants without soil. Having pertinent knowledge about plant Growing Systems can result in better yield.

What does a Hydroponic System Consist of?

A Hydroponic System is made up of the following parts:

  • The tray or growing chamber
  • Reservoir
  • Submersible pump
  • Delivery system
  • Timer
  • Air pump
  • Grow lights

How does a Hydroponic System Work?

There are different methods of growing plants within this system, each with its own way of working. Here are major types and how they work:

  • The Wicks System: Here, the nutrient solution is placed in a reservoir at the bottom of the system, from where it is absorbed into the medium where the plants grow through a series of wicks.
  • The Flood and Drain System: The grow tray is flooded temporarily before the nutrients surround the roots and then drain back into the reservoir. This can be automated using a simple timer and water pump.
  • Nutrient Film Technique: The nutrient solution is in a constant flow through the growth tray from the reservoir. This is recycled back and forth. The flow is maintained with electricity.
  • Water Culture: The nutrients are dissolved in the water where the plant roots are submerged and oxygen is pumped continuously through the water.
  • Drip System: The nutrients and water are pumped into the growth tray by a water pump which is controlled by a timer. Any excess solution is recycled into the reservoir by a recovery system.
  • Aeroponic System: The roots of the plants are misted with the solution containing nutrients, with the roots hanging in the air. This is done with a pump that is controlled by a timer. It is essential to have an uninterrupted cycle of misting in this method as the roots are always exposed to air and are in danger of drying out rapidly if not misted frequently.

These systems for growing plants can be a DIY project or can be bought as a plug-and-play system. People use these systems for a variety of reasons that vary from growing ornamental plants to growing a kitchen garden with a wide variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. These systems not only make any kind of space look more inviting, they are a healthier way to grow food at home for better health.

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