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Buying A New Waterfront Beach House? Furniture Choices Are Important Too!

Aug 4th 2015 at 3:09 AM

Planning to move into your newly acquired beach house? You might want to think over carefully about how to furnish it. It can be a really delicate matter when it comes to furnishing homes that are very location-dependent. A beach house is a typical example. It is complemented by the scenery around it, therefore the furniture should also be something that makes the house feel like a relaxing place. If you’re buying a pre-furnished house, it does not make sense to read this article. Read on to get a basic idea on what kind of furniture you’d need for your new home.

Considering a beach house, it is a house that is close to a beach/ocean and has a good view of it. The first most important thing to consider while furnishing your home would be one major fact. Since beach houses are close to oceans, the relative humidity is greater in the area. Despite having air conditioned interiors, there will be spaces where there is no humidity control. Furniture for places like these can be a tricky choice. You may want to pick a material that does not wage an all-out war in high humidity conditions. If you’re planning wood, you may want to get it properly varnished and polished to prevent it from misbehaving. High-quality durable plastics make an excellent choice for porch furniture material – you go ahead and leave that chair out in the raging thunderstorm. Talking of interiors, there is so much variety to choose from. Since the interiors are air conditioned anyway, it is alright to pick your favorite material.

Now, there is the case of which chairs and tables to choose? The royal kind, or the modular kind? Better yet, should you go for the modern-day minimalistic design furniture? It all depends on your own tastes. The one basic thing you’ll need to keep in mind though is that you’re buying furniture for a beach house, not for the king’s court. Since beach houses are essentially an escape to draw your attention more to the sea, it is better to have your furniture toned down a bit to become less catchy. Instead of that heavy oak coffee table, you might want to consider a small, discreet thing which is present only and solely to serve its purpose as a good coffee table. This does not mean that it does not have to be cute. Take your pick; just keep it less beautiful than the sea outside. Your waterfront real estate will become a retreat for relaxation if your furniture does not become over-obtrusive.

The next most important thing will be to keep your furniture coordinated. Don’t go haywire with all the variety available in the market. While it is actually boring to have matching sets, it may be overwhelming to have too much randomness. Both extremes cause imbalance in peace. It is better to plan out in advance a theme that you’d like to stick to. You can pick your furniture accordingly.

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