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Buying a New Home – Some Tips to Help You Ace Your Walkthrough

Sep 7th 2015 at 12:04 AM

One of the biggest challenges while buying real estate knows its actual value. This is almost always a huge investment, whether you are a medium income earner or an HNI. The chances of getting cheated into paying more than what a property is worth are always present. This article will help you cover some of these risks.

When you are buying a new home, there will only be a few instances where you will actually get to examine what you are purchasing. Of course you can always look into the seller’s background and ownership information as well as consult with professional values to determine how much a particular property is actually worth. You can also check up on the neighbouring houses to determine the state of houses in the nearby vicinity. But nothing.. Not any other type of research will allow you to get the kind of insights you can uncover through a physical examination of the house.

Most investors only get so many chances of actually looking at a property up close. This will usually be the time when the seller or the agent will be giving you a walkthrough of the new house you are buying. In most cases, it will be the last chance that you will get to examine the property before making a final offer for purchase. You need to have an idea of what to look for in order to get the maximum possible information from this one opportunity. The list of important items to check during your walk through is extensive, so a checklist and copy of your sales contract can help you stay on task. There are certain items that tend to slip a new home buyer's mind which is why a little preparation before your actual visit will help..

First of all, you need to pay close attention to the fittings and fixtures in the property. These are the small things that actually make a big mess later on, it they have not been dealt with properly while installation. This step will include checking all the lights and light fixtures to make sure they are wired properly, running water and flushing toilets to ensure there are no leaks, and opening and closing garage doors to check that they work properly.

Make sure you ask the agent to give you a full tour of the property and allow you to examine each and every part of it, including stuff that was previously covered when the finishing work was underway in the house. The floors, faucets, fittings and countertops need to be especially examined for any defects. In most cases, during the final walkthrough before you buy a new home, it will always be better to take someone with you who will help in going over every inch of the property. You can divide work and make sure no aspect is left unchecked.

In the end, finding the best property to buy will eventually depend upon the amount of research you actually put into the task. You can visit for the best new homes in South Florida.

About The Author

Raymond Keen is an expert realtor and writer who are well known for helping people in finding the best property options to invest their money into. When it comes to the best condos for sale in Bonita Springs, FL, he recommends as the name that you should go for.

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