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Brief Review of Senco PC1010 1 Gallon Compressor

Oct 12th 2015 at 11:28 AM

I usually invest in tools that are future proof. That’s why I chose this Senco unit as Senco replacement parts were available online. Before that I was utilizing a Porter Cable flapjack compressor for quite a long time. I primarily do finishing off kind of work, for example, trim, cupboards, and embellishment. I wish I would have gotten this unit much sooner. The flapjack compressors are uproarious, to such an extent that I would for the most part sit it in another room and close the entryway. I'd then run the hose under the entryway and to my work area. Lamentably, I must be exceptionally watchful with the hose as to not scratch the dividers and ground surface. I knew I needed to either fabricate an entire new set up or change the way I do my work.


I thought about purchasing a Paslode solution, however when I acquired an 18 and 16 gage nailer I realized that I would be spending over $450 into the new setup. At that point I would also need to purchase fuel, check the termination dates, charge the thing, and so forth. Paslode doesn't offer a 23 pin nailer or a 15 gage weapon either, so regardless I would be stuck with this old thing pushing it in a space to utilize those tools. I bought it almost 10 years back and haven't shopped compressors since. I was amazed to see the new crop of compressors as their footprint has gotten smaller, in fact I was worried whether these new compressors can hold up to a nailer. In any case, so far it’s doing the job and dandy utilizing everything up to and including a 15 gage nailer. The best part is that it is so little and compact that it’s not a weight at all to set up and begin popping nails.




The Senco is sufficiently little to sit on a standard stair tread with every one of the four feet without touching the following stair nose. This is an immense advantage for tread and stair rail introduces. It weighs around 20 pounds and the handle area and slender profile of the compressor join to make it simple to tote around. It’s sufficiently light to toss on to a ledge when working in a kitchen. The elastic feet guarantee that it won't harm a surface. It is a night and day distinction contrasted with a conventional flapjack compressor which measure well more than 50 pounds and hit against the knee when actually conveying one.


Build Quality


I haven't possessed it sufficiently long to represent its unwavering quality. Out of the container it would seem that a pleasantly constructed bit of gear. It incorporates a quality female push connector that is as of now introduced. The weight change handle lives up to expectations easily. It incorporates a tank weight gage, work weight gage, weight valve, and water channel valve. I have the PC1010N rendition, which is precisely the same aside from it has front watchman ensuring the valves and copper tubing. I would suggest that model if working around others because of its security.


Refill and Long Use


From void to full, the unit takes around one and a half minutes. I haven't run the compressor through a confining gauntlet, however popping down base sheets, hanging crown, or tossing down ground surface, it keeps up fine. For all intents and purposes any completing work won't be hampered by this item. I would not utilize this for even little surrounding occupations. The surrounding nailers essentially pass a lot of air for this unit. You may have the capacity to utilize this after all other options have been exhausted for little rooftop repair.


Quietness Levels


This one was vital for me particularly to finish occupations which are more often than not inside. A flapjack compressor is downright uncomfortable if not marginal harming in a shut room with long haul introduction. This Senco is quiet to the point that a discussion can be heard without raising voices. I've been liable of seizing the air compressor kicking on when utilizing that Porter Cable one, yet I don't even notice when the Senco is turned on. It is extremely convenient and it changed the way I utilize my air setup. I basically tote this around wherever I go and utilize a withdrawing air hose. Not any more dragging the PVC hose around corners.




Strolling into a customer's home with this little compressor, a force hose, and cased nail firearms feels exceptionally proficient. Vastly improved than resembling a lazy pig by ponderously dragging in a flapjack and tangled elastic hose requesting a free space to push it into. Set up is quick. Fill is quick. It takes care of business and best of all; it makes the work charming once more. offers a big range of Superior replacement parts, Superior Electric replacement parts and Wilton replacement parts.

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