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Black and White Flowers

Dec 28th 2015 at 3:04 AM

Black and white flowers have been in existence for centuries and they have rich history with some being natural, and others genetically engineered. Black and white flowers have different meanings to people across the world and have been used to convey different meanings during particular occasions. For example when a friend gives you a black flower, it symbolizes the end of your friendship but when he gives you white flower, it symbolizes re-union or forgiveness and expresses hope.

Black flowers are those, which are so deep red or purple, that the flowers appear to be black, meaning black flowers do not exist in reality. The flowers are elegant and look mysterious and have attracted the attention of masses over the centuries due to their improbable color which inspires wonderful feelings. They seem to originate from a fairy-tale world.

One of the most popular black flowers is the Rose flower. The plant originated from Eastern Europe, and later spread rapidly to others areas of hot and cold climates.

Black flowers may have different meaning and symbolism to different cultures. When a black flower is given to a person who is a close friend, this symbolizes the end of the relationship or partnership. In funerals you are most likely to see black flowers and this is because they are used to symbolize death and farewell. The flowers are used as well during certain rituals as material offerings and are synonymous with black magic. They also signify impurity, revenge, and ugliness.

Types of Back flowers and how to take care of them:

1. Calla Lily

Calla lily flowers are hard to find and they look very nice in bouquets . They are very dark and look black but in reality, they are either purple or maroon. They originated from South Africa and its leaves are long, knife-shaped, and waxy. They can be propagated through seeds. They must be kept away from sun light and kept in a cool area to ensure that they remain freshly looking.

2. Bat Orchid

This flower got its name from orchids bat. It is a fantastic flower with whiskers dangling down from its center. The flowers like heat and humility therefore, they have to be planted in a hot conservatory.

3. Black Dahlia

These are chocolate color flowers which look fantastic in bouquets and planting them in your garden makes your garden stand out. They can be propagated using dahlia bulbs or dahlia tubers. Weeds should be kept away from dahlia flowers to protect them and ensure that they remain fantastic looking.

4. Black Tulip

These are great black flowers which are dark purple. Their stem should be cut once every 2 days so as to receive plenty of water since they require a lot of water and they grow fast and can reach the ceiling. They should be kept away from heat since they easily loose their vigor if not stored in a cool area.


5. Hellebores

Hellebores are fantastic flowers which can hold their color for long time. They can be combined with glowing foliage and pale-flowered bulbs to make them stand out.

6. Black carnations

They are obtained using hybridization techniques and genetic engineering. Its leaves are light blue with green and grey reflections. It has three types of species, that are rare to find. Their stems need to be cut in the bottom with a knife to ensure that they remain freshly looking. They should also be kept away from the sun and air-conditioners since their foliage can turn yellow.

7. Black Orchid

They derived their name from Greek word “orchis”, which means testicle. Its leaves are bright green in color, smooth, long and textured. They require partial exposure to sun and can grow in any environment and can be propagated using six methods. They should be placed in a cool area and watered regularly to ensure that they remain freshly looking for a long time.

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