Best LED Grow Lights For Plants!

Nov 3rd 2015 at 3:24 PM

LED grow light is an exciting topic among hydroponic gardening these days. They are one of the efficient ways to generate light to your plants for both flowering and vegetative stages of growth. They offer specific wavelength of light that is suitable for the growth of plants. LED lights stay much cooler than the fluorescent lighting or traditional HID. The LED light is much more efficient in use for the bulbs last two or three times longer than the other light used for the lighting process and it also ends up with saving money in long run.

While choosing the Best Grow Lights you have to keep lots of factors in mind like size of the plant that you are growing, how much space you require to grow the plants and how much you are willing to spend.


Let’s discuss about some of the best LED grow lights for either small or large setup.

· SMD full spectrum LED lights: This light comes with an adjustable stand that you can either place over one single plant or small garden, it can also folded up so that the light can be hang from above. This light works at all stage plant growth, though it only uses 20w of electricity. This light is especially recommended for plants that require full sun heat to grow. This led consume less heat then other.

· 300w LED grow lights: It is made up of mid-sized LED light system. It has life spam of at least 50,000 hours and also has seven band including spectrum including red, blue, white lights. This light comes with its inbuilt internal cooling system, power cord and steel hanging clips. This light comes in a normal size which is easy to install.

· 150w band LED grow light: This light is perfect for small and medium plant grow. This is much in advanced and recently update setup of platinum LED series with an updated set of cooling system. They are capable to grow both the vegetative and flowering state. It gives at least five year warranty to the customers. These are new model with recent update.

· 880w grow LED: It is one of the most powerful lights among all the other grow light. You can get full control over the color spectrum. Where you can easily switch from “flower” to “vegetative” mode just by clicking the active button. This system also has a unique UVB switch that you can use to give your plant an extra boost to increase their growth. These light comes with a flat design consist LED grow panel which have more led light used for fast growing of plants or for bigger plants.

· Green house LED grow lights: This LED is perfect for a small home garden as it provide the perfect spectrum of light needed to grow flower and vegetable and is long lasting then from any other led light. This light fits in the standard of 12w socket. This light is also known as LED grow lamps which are good for harvest and growing seedlings.

This is the best way to do plantation with LED grow light!

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