Benefits Of Installing Hardwood and Reclaimed Lumber Floors

Sep 12th 2014 at 2:36 AM



Hardwood floors look very attractive, and they are extremely popular option for flooring these days. For hardwood flooring, you can go either for lumber flooring or hardwood flooring.


Benefits of reclaimed lumber flooring


There are several benefits of reclaimed lumber flooring.


1) You can get the reclaimed wood from the old barns and other old buildings. The wood in the barn can come from anywhere and therefore they are of several types. You can find several types of wood which comes from the forest and thus you can get unique wood for your house. No one can create the same type of wood again and therefore no one can find the same type of floor somewhere.


2) Reclaimed woods are very durable. Their durability cannot be matched with any other wood. These types of woods have been there for years, and they can be used for making floors, beams and panels.


3) With reclaimed woods, you can also find the rarest type of wood. A variety that is not found these days in modern type of woods can be found in reclaimed woods. With reclaimed woods, you can get pine, maple or standard oak wood. You can also get antique elm or heart pine in the old barns woods.


4) Reclaimed woods are also eco-friendly. While using reclaimed woods, you are not killing a tree and therefore reclaimed woods are eco-friendly. You are just using the already cut wood for flooring and thus you are not supporting deforestation by your actions.


Benefits of other hard woods


Besides reclaimed woods there are other types of hardwoods, you can use in flooring. There are many advantages of hard wood flooring.


1) Hardwood flooring is very luxurious and also gives a class to your house. It makes your house look simple yet beautiful and attractive. Even the most costly flooring sometimes seems monotonous which is not the case with unfinished hardwood flooring. It always looks new and different.


2) Hardwood is long lasting and durable. Some people think that hardwoods extra maintenance but it is not true. If you take care of your floors regularly, then it will never look old. You can simply polish the floor every year, and it will start looking new again.


3) Hardwood is simply affordable, and anyone can have it. For giving a rich look to your house, you do not need to be a millionaire now.


4) You can use two types of hardwood for flooring. You can use either refinished hardwood or unfinished hardwood. Unfinished hardwood is better than the refinished one. With unfinished hardwood, there is no need to worry about small gaps between the edges of the wood floors.


5) Hardwood paint is also easily available in the market. You can use gloss, semi-gloss, stain or high gloss polyurethane for your hardwood polishing. You can choose the polish on the basis of how much shine you want.

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