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Benefits of Going Green: Bio-fuel Fireplace

Dec 21st 2013 at 2:54 AM

Biofuel and its popularity is on the rise, as more of us are becoming more mindful of ecology and the various benefits of using biofuel, and if we factor in the rising cost of living in the modern day world across several different continents, and metropolises all the while factoring the limited supply of our present sources of energy, the cost of fossil energy such as oil and by the same extension, gas, costs are expected to rise to critical highs in the not so distant future.


The main way one can escape this conundrum is to switch to renewable energy, and when it comes to your fireplace, biofuel is the ideal source of renewable energy, particularly if you live a contemporary life style and your home manifests that lifestyle.


Environmentally speaking, the benefits of biofuel are great and quiet obvious; unlike mainstream sources of fuels such as coal or crude, biofuel produces no harmful emission or smoke which contaminates the neighborhood climate. Coal and oil discharge a consistent stream of harmful gases; they not only are a hazard to your health, but to the health of the ecosystem at large.


Biofuel does none of this, all the while providing energy for our various household requirements. Truth be told, biofuel is a standout amongst the various sources of energy, and most likely the best alternative of when choosing a fireplace’s source of fuel.

Furthermore, fireplaces running on biofuel do not require fireplace specific provisions for ventilation. Traditional ventilation systems are enough for the fireplace as biofuel does not emit harmful gasses. However, completely airtight rooms without a single vent or mechanism for ventilation are not suitable for biofuel fireplaces. This is only due to undesired rise in the level of CO2 during the process of heating, however simple and natural ventilations are enough to negate the possibility of high level CO2.


With rising costs, limited supply of nonrenewable energy, and special provisions and construction considerations required for regular fireplaces. A more visionary and future savvy approach dictates that new home owners or fireplace enthusiasts purchase biofuel fireplaces. They require less up keep and are cheaper to maintain. And with the advent of modern technology and influence of contemporary designs on our interiors, biofuel fireplace look extremely modern and futuristic. In the coming years biofuel fireplaces might usurp regular fireplaces at the top.


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