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Basement Renovation Hints

Sep 11th 2015 at 2:10 AM

When thinking about basement renovation in any medical institution, you as an owner should always remember about the following important factors before starting any works. So do not forget about the height, waterproofing, and lighting.


Height. First of all, decide about the purpose of this room, whether it will be another cabinet, waiting room or even a morgue. Depending on the purpose of this space you will need to consider its sizes. As a rule, contractors like Guy Solomon advise to make the ceilings as high as possible, because this is one of very important architectural features of hospitals and other medical institutions. He advises to make the ceilings at least two heights of a regular person, which is 3.5 – 4 meters.


Our professional expert has also told about his recent projects where he had to solve this problem. In one house he cut out the floor joists in the needed area and so hung them from the structural headers. Then he added special steel angles in order to support the floor. In a perfect situation, such areas need to be located under an upstairs area which does not get too much traffic, such as under a laundry or a closet room.


In the other project he could not locate the space out of the traffic path,  that is why it was decided to go down. His tram dug a hole in the ground which was 12 inches down, then poured a new slab at the lower level and then poured little walls with a curb surround in order to make the hole not filled with any water in case the basement get wet. The treadmill is flush with the surrounding floor, lowered into the hole.


Waterproofing. The idea of waterproofing is very important because according to professional review on this issue it will happen anyway; this is why you always should plan ahead. In case your medical institution does not currently have a special system in place to deal with the water, then you have to choose a flooring material which can handle getting wet, for instance you can think about the tile. If you do not have a special floor drain, then you need to get one installed. The best option here is to get a drain which directly ties into the storm drain or which drains into a pit with a special sump pump in it. If you pay for these systems now, you will not have to be paying to replace any furniture mad appliances later on.


Lighting. Now we are getting to the most critical component of making a basement a place for people. Now basing on the Guy Solomon reviews you can get an image of a perfect project.  You may think about creating a tray ceiling which in the middle is surrounded by lower areas that in their turn can conceal ductwork and piping. Such construction also provides the builders with a spot to install indirect lighting. As a rule ceilings in the basements are lower than elsewhere in the building, this is why light reflected up off the ceiling is much better than light directed down.


In case you want to use recessed lighting in the low ceilings, then you should think of the cone of light that can spread from a recessed light.


Remember that good lighting design makes a really big difference, so for this purpose always hire a professional lighting designer. Today you can find a great variety of lighting types and professionals advise to use several of them in order to make the space accommodate with different uses and moods of the space.

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