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Are Glass Worktops The Future For Kitchens

Aug 13th 2014 at 4:30 AM

With glass splashbacks currently making waves in the market, and with good reason too, glass is now being viewed by consumers as a serious contender in the market against other existing materials such as granite, quartz, and the ever dreaded and most reviled tile. So with the ever growing popularity of glass splashbacks within the industry I would like to take just a moment to look at their glass counterparts, the glass worktop.

Consumers tend to share a common misconception about glass worktops in the fact that they think of glass as a weak material that is not durable enough to be used for a glass worktop. In actual fact this could not be further from the truth as all glass worktops come toughened as standard. Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than regular glass and can take an incredible amount of punishment. In fact glass worktops are designed to take such blunt force trauma as a tin of beans falling out of your wall cabinet onto it,s surface without damaging it at all.

Glass worktops are also extremely heat resistant which makes them absolutely perfect for areas of intense heat generation such as your kitchen. If you doubt the heat resistance of glass in any way you need only to look at your oven, which has a glass door to know how much heat glass can actually comfortably cope with. Mix that with it's durability and you really don't have a good case with which to argue against using glass as a worktop in your kitchen.

Much like glass splashbacks, glass worktops have an incredible amount of design options that are available to you. First off glass is extremely versatile and like glass splashbacks can be cut into any shape or size, within the restrictions that fabrication machines can take of course. There is also the near limitless choice in colour that is available from a host of top ranges such as Dulux and Ral. If your looking for something a little more bespoke than just a plain colour then you can even have a vinyl image applied to your glass worktop. You can choose a vinyl image from a massive library of literally hundreds of thousands of stock images or if you are feeling like you want something with that little more personal touch then you can even provide your own image as long as it is in a 300 dpi resolution.

The one thing that can be incorporated into glass worktops better than with glass splashbacks is LED lighting. LED lighting can be channelled into your walls and in turn shines through your glass worktops creating an amazing effect that will be the talking point of friends and family for years to come.

In summary glass worktops really are the future for the modern home and with the design options available with which to customise your worktop there really is no reason as to why you shouldn't seriously consider glass as an option for your worktop needs.

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