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An Occupational Outlook for Construction Management

Aug 6th 2015 at 1:35 PM

Are you starting out in college? Are you a little bit scared about the occupational outlook of your college degree choice?



  • an occupational outlook for construction management


Are you starting out in college? Are you a little bit scared about the occupational outlook of your college degree choice? Are you afraid of the idea that when the time comes, your chosen degree would not pay for the amount of debt that you have incurred from your student loans? If you are, I do not blame you for feeling this way because education can really be an expensive investment. I do know of one thing that I could advise you though. That is, if you have not chosen your major yet and you are still weighing your options, it would be best if you choose a degree that can surely give you the return of investment that you need. You see college education is a lot like a business venture – you put money into it and you expect it to pay.


Fortunately, there are degrees that, although not money making machines, can give graduates a fighting chance at having financial stability. A good example of this is a BS in Construction Management Degree such as that of NewSchool’s BS in Construction Management Program. But what exactly is the occupational outlook offered by any BS in Construction Management program? I will discuss them in the succeeding paragraphs. Let me start with the specific tasks of construction managers. Simply put, they supervise projects, usually buildings, and their supervisory work range from the conceptualization to the completion of the said infrastructures. Also, part of the various responsibilities of construction managers is to determine the cost projections and budget of the project. Furthermore, they manage the timetable and make sure that the construction schedule is followed religiously and that delays would not occur unless they are inevitable and necessary. Likewise, they collaborate with other professionals to make completion faster and more accurate.


Now that we know the duties and responsibilities of construction managers, let us go to their projected annual income. The website Payscale puts in the median salary of construction managers at a whopping 73,600 dollars. The upper 75 percentile earn around 93, 000 dollars while the uppermost 90 percentile earn approximately 120,000 thousand. These facts alone can communicate the idea that in terms of financial outlook, construction management can give you a positively bulky pocket.

But what type of education does becoming a construction manager entail? In the past, apprenticeship in a construction company helped a person fast tracked his or her career in the industry. But these days, it is important for a person to enrol in a relevant program such as NewSchool’s BS in Construction Management Program. Concepts learned within the classroom are just as important as actual experience in the construction trade and being an erudite in both aspects can help the person have a better chance of moving forward in his chosen career. The reason why an existing actual experience on the end of the construction management graduate is tantalizing to employers is that the employer will no longer have to train the person, which saves the employer both time and money.


Aside from experience, it is also essential for the person to be certified in construction management. This is because clients would look for these certifications prior to choosing the person for a project that they have. In the United States, the American Institute of Constructors and the Construction Management Association of America award certifications to people who apply for them.


With regards to personal characteristics, there are certain qualities that would help the person become a good construction manager. For instance, having the capacity for leadership would definitely help because a construction manager has to supervise people and not just machines. If he cannot take the role of a leader, then he might just be ignored by his team. Another important characteristic is the ability to communicate. With the number of people that construction managers have to deal with on a daily basis, it is important for the correct messages and instructions to be carried out. A third important characteristic is goal setting. An individual who does not know how to set goals whether for himself or for his clientele, is at risk of missing work deadlines. Because construction work is not a one man job, failure to meet deadlines on the part of the construction manager can put the rest of the team at risk too.


So there you have it. Now that you know more about being a construction manager, the decision is up to you.


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