All You Need To Know About Carrara Marble

Jun 23rd 2015 at 3:23 AM

Marble is metamorphosed into its final elegant, beautiful form after years and years of pressure subjected to the parent rock, that is limestone. This beautiful material has been used for architectural purposes since time immemorial. Currently, this relatively soft stone, available in a wide range of colours and patterns, is used for home interiors in the form of fireplaces, floors, worktops, etc. One of the most famous, elegant ad graceful marble types in the world is Carrara marble of Italian descent. Read on to find out more about its properties and uses.

One of the most popular building materials to exist, Carrara marble used in London and other parts of UK, gets its name from Carrara in Italy, which is the city from which this precious stone is mostly quarried. Its beautiful white or greyish blue hue give make it a highly sought after material.
Carrara marble is excavated from the stone quarries of Carrara, Italy. Before cutting and polishing in a factory, it has to be blasted off in very big pieces through the use of giant cutting machines instead of the dynamite used earlier.

Artistic Uses:-

Throughout history, the use of Carrara marble can be observed, especially during the Renaissance period of flamboyant art and architecture. The most well known sculpture is the “David”, made by Michelangelo.

Architectural Usage:-

Ancient Greeks and Romans were well versed with the power of using Carrara marble for the exterior cladding of buildings, the technique of which is still popular today. Carrara being weak when subjected to unduly forces of nature tends to crumble and fall when used in higher constructions.

Home Interior Design Usage

Modern uses of Carrara marble, similar to the limestone worktops in UK, include kitchen worktops, floor tiles, bathroom counters, etc. Its clean, aesthetic properties make it highly desirable as a flooring and wall cladding material.

Beauty and Delicacy of Marble

Delicacy and beauty, celebrated in the various ways of using Carrara marble for home interiors makes it the number one choice of interior design applicable materials. People have finally begun to understand and appreciate the beauty of this most graceful stone that requires the cover of protective treatments due to its inherent softness, for the proper maintenance of the kitchen platforms.

Marble is an inherently delicate stone and will not stay in perfect condition for ever. Patina processes are likely to occur over time, especially in the frequently used zones of the counter. Thus, marble needs to be protected like a piece of fine art.

Marble worktops are 100% natural and can be selected in a colour to match the decor, sinks and other appliances can be easily integrated, can be repaired in case of surface damages and are now conveniently available and affordable at MKW Surfaces in London and other areas.

Visit the website of MKW Surfaces to view the entire listing of products and materials including limestone worktops used in the UK and Cararra marble worktops used in London and other part of UK. Do you think Carrara marble makes a good choice as a kitchen counter material? Let us know in the comments below.

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