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Electric Mattress pad

Advantages of Heated Mattress Pad as Your Bed Warmer

Jan 8th 2015 at 10:46 PM

There are two popular types of bed warmers. You can either choose a heated mattress pad or an electric blanket. Compared to cost, comfort, safety, flexibility and maintenance, you find major differences in these two bed heating systems.

Safety is an important concern for any bed heating product. It is more risky particularly when you use a material involving electric wires in close contact. Although, these wires are properly shielded, you fear about associated overheating and fire hazards. But, in a heated mattress pad, the heating wires are undetectable and remain under cover or padding of warmer unlike an electrical blanket.

Temperature control is a necessary and integral part of a bed warming material. A heated mattress pad is equipped with a well-managed control mechanism and allows changes in temperature as per the requirements. This helps reduce your fuel or electric expenses significantly.

A heated mattress pad as bed warmers make a perfect bedding where as an electrical blanket is used as a cover. The covering of energy efficient mattress pad saves or preserves heat from losing out. But, heat from an electric blanket rises above and escapes into the room. Hence an electric blanket needs more fuel and heat energy to maintain temperature compared to a mattress pad.

Since a mattress pad radiates heat from below, it is quite capable of inducing a sound sleep and relaxing your body completely. The comfortable bed heating material works well on adjustable beds. The dual comfort control of a heated mattress pad allows you to select or set own temperature level for two individuals sharing same bed.

A heated mattress pad has multiple usages. Beginning from vehicle like truck to massage therapy centre or a hospital, the bed warming system provides desired warmth against any cooler place. The pre-warm bed drives out dampness and enables you to avoid use of multiple electric blankets.

A heated mattress pad is held securely under a covering always. Hence the mattress remains protected from normal dirt and rarely needs washing. A well maintained mattress pad generally lasts longer even after its continuous use.

Doctors recommend the mattress pad to keep the bed warm and dry to counter any change in room temperature or excessive loss of body heat due to dampening. The heating pad drives the moisture to the surface of the bedding where it evaporates.

Before using a heated mattress pad, a person should know how to adjust the temperature control and what to do in case of excess heat. It is better not to use a mattress pad for children below the age of five.

Considering the overall usages and advantages, a hated mattress pad can become a great present to your near and dear ones on the occasion of Christmas, birthday and anniversary.

The author here describes about numerous advantages of bed warmer such as heated mattress pad over electric blanket. For details, please visit www.

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