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10 Ideas to Help you Vacuum Clean Like a Pro

Nov 26th 2015 at 11:37 AM

Do you want to vacuum clean like a pro? Do you want your house, car, floors as clean as a preacher’s sheet? Hurry and get your vacuum cleaner now! Well to begin with, what is a vacuum cleaner? This is a device, which uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust from floors and other surfaces into a dust bag for later disposal.

In this vacuum cleaner review, we are going to discuss how to help you vacuum clean like a pro.

10 Ideas to Help you Vacuum Clean Like a Pro

The First Picking Step: First, ensure that you have picked everything; such as bobby pins, paper clips, toys and such, off your floor, or car or the place you are to vacuum clean. This is to ensure that these objects do not get your vacuum cleaner and may spoil it.

Check the Vacuum Bag: If it is full, or close to full, replace it before starting.  This is because, if it is close to being full, the efficiency of the vacuum is reduced. Some vacuum cleaners have removable containers, usually clear so you can see how full it is, that you just unsnap, empty and replace.

Make Necessary Adjustments: If you are vacuuming your carpet, adjust your vacuum to the length of your carpet. If it is shorter pile or longer pile, both will require a different setting. Turn on, do a back and forth motion on your carpet.

Move your Furniture Around to Reach Other Areas: If some of the furniture is built-in, then use special attachments to reach under furniture and to clean along the edges of your carpeted room.

Broom out the Dust: To ensure that the fringe parts of rags are not tangled up by the vacuum, take them out and beat using a broom to take out the dust. Neatly fold them and place them elsewhere not being vacuumed. Return them to their place after vacuuming.

Power Cord Measures: As you vacuum, back and forth, watch the power cord. Try not to run over it too many times. It does not suck up well.

Movement Patterns: Move the vacuum slowly in a straight path, and a pattern will form, showing where it has been vacuumed to prevent you from going over the same area again. For stubbornly embedded soil, make a repetition of strokes in that area for thorough cleaning.

Eliminate Threads: Whenever you see a loose thread sticking out of your carpet, snip it off immediately. Do not pull on it as it can cause damage by unravelling the very fabric of the carpet. Chances are, it is just a snag and you will never see it again.

Stiff Broom Sweeping: Most vacuums will not get right up to the edge where wall meets floor. Therefore, use a good stiff broom with some elbow grease and give the area a good sweeping before you vacuum.

Use Laid Mats: Finally, after vacuuming, ensure that there is less mess made by placing lay mats at entrances, and impose a no-shoe policy to prevent dirt from getting indoors. Also ensure that tables, seats, windows and other surfaces have been dusted so that the fallen particles are picked up by the vacuum


Vacuum cleaning is one of the simplest tasks in a household as evident in the Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews. Check out for it. Now that we know all the basics, why don’t we get started!

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